A Book Released Today Facilitates Parents in Talking to Their Children About Cancer

The best-selling author and Olympic gold medalist, Scott Hamilton, has joined hands with music superstar Brad Paisley, to release a book that will help parents in talking to their children about cancer. This book – Fritzy Finds a Hat, was released on the World Cancer day, February 4, 2020.

This children’s book, written by Hamilton, is based on the story of a young boy whose mother is suffering from cancer and receiving treatment for it. The story explains the efforts made by the boy while searching for a hat for his mother.

Scott Hamilton was diagnosed with testicular cancer and belongs to the small percentage of cancer survivors. He said that he is excited about the release of the book “Fritzy Finds A Hat”. He is hoping that this book will provide a way for parents and help them in having a conservation with their children regarding this disease.

The story mentioned in Fritzy Finds A Hat describes Hamilton’s real-life experience. He added that he was only eighteen when her mother was found to be suffering from breast cancer. He is well aware of the problems that a family may face when both mother and child are suffering from cancer.

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Scott Hamilton expects that this book may provide parents with a possible way and support them in starting the most challenging talk with their children.

Fritzy Finds a Hat tells Hamilton story about how he looked for a perfect hat that could be used by his mother for wearing to her sessions of cancer therapy. The hat illustrations present in “Fritzy Finds a Hat” are provided by Brad Paisley. He is a long-time friend of Hamilton and has won Grammy award for 3 times.

This children’s book was made available by the cooperation of Forefront Books. This book was announced to be launched on World Cancer Day (February 04). The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) celebrates World Cancer Day with a goal to spread awareness regarding this deadly disease.

Additionally, the objective of this international awareness day is to also promote diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cancer. According to the information provided by the American Cancer Society, in 2019, the incidence of cancer in the United States was about 1.8 million.

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The National Cancer Institute – Moffitt Cancer Center is a widespread center for cancer in Tampa, Florida. Moffitt Cancer Center has partnered up with the Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation for publishing Fritzy Finds a Hat.

Profit from the Fritzy Finds a Hat will aid in the necessary research on cancer at Moffitt Cancer Center via Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation. Additionally, the Moffitt’s Families First program may also be benefited from the proceeds from the book.

If a person wishes to purchase “Fritzy Finds a Hat” online, he can buy this book at Barnes & Nobles and Target and Amazon. Besides its online availability, the book can also be found throughout the country at Barnes & Nobles and Target stores.

Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation

It is a non-profit organization that is making efforts to improve cancer outcomes. It is doing so by providing funds to innovative and advanced research on cancer treatments.