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A-list Celebrities Join the Black Lives Matter Protests

murder of George Floyd

Murder of George Floyd sparked outrage and protests in the United States and all over the world. The protests amid a pandemic are a huge risk of spreading the coronavirus. Thousands of people, along with numerous celebrities joined the protests.

On Sunday, the Black Lives Matter movement protest occurred in Hollywood. Many celebrities were seen in the crowd of thousands of people. Prominent names include Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Both were wearing protective face masks but people still recognized them.

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The couple protested holding their homemade signs in favor of the movement. JLo was wearing a pair of leggings and a black hoodie. Her protective gear included a black face mask and disposable blue gloves.

Rodriguez, seen along with Lopez, had his black ensemble on with a pair of black shades. He was also wearing disposable gloves and a cloth face mask.

According to the LAPD‘s Hollywood Division, 50,000 people joined the protest on Sunday. The protest on Sunday recorded as the largest one so far in Southern California.

It was peaceful protest as the marchers followed their route through several famous landmarks of the area.

The marchers made their way through the Walk of Fame in Hollywood and passed the Kodak Theatre, the site of annual Academy Awards. The protestors put the Black Lives Matter flag on the Capitol Records building during the march.

Jamie Foxx, an Oscar-winning actor joined the protest in Hollywood on Sunday. The Hollywood celebrity recently did the film Just Mercy alongside Michael B. Jordan.

Other Hollywood celebrities spotted in the Sunday protest include Vanessa Hudgens, Kaia Gerber, Machine Gun Kelly, Ireland Baldwin along with other prominent faces.

Machine Gun Kelly handed free water bottles and snacks to the protestors. Most of the celebrities wore cloth face masks to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

Peaceful protests continued in all states of America after the murder of George Floyd. He died when a Minneapolis white police officer kneeled on his neck for more than eight minutes. The compression led to his death as he could not breathe due to the pressure.

George pleaded with his hands cuffed behind his back. The police officer Derek Chauvin did not lift his knee despite his continued pleading.

Chauvin is now facing charges of second-degree murder. The other three police officers who joined him are charged with aiding second-degree murder and abetting second-degree murder of George Floyd.

The Black Lives Matter protests turned into a worldwide movement after the death of a black man. George Floyd was accused of using a counterfeit $20 cheque. He died shortly after the police officer compressed Floyd’s neck under his knee for almost nine minutes.

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The protests are going peacefully with most of the marchers wearing face masks. Some people also wear disposable gloves for the protest. However, the risk remains that the protests contribute to the vast transmission of coronavirus.

It is feared that the number of coronavirus cases will spike once again after the protests end in America. The people are advised to wear protective gear during the march and practice social distancing as much as possible.

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