A Man Got Infected with Coronavirus by Exposure to an Affected Woman for Just 15 Seconds

A man aged 56 years has been reported to caught Coronavirus infection with just a 15-second exposure to an already infected woman (carrier) at a Chinese market, Shuangdongfang. Jiangbei Health Commission reports that both carriers and the affected man hadn’t worn any mask for their protection.

It has been confirmed by the Chinese officials that an encounter with the diseased women for just a few seconds infected this man with this deadly SARS-like virus.

According to the 16th situation report provided by the World Health Organization, the death toll for this virus outbreak has nearly reached 500, and the figure for infected people has become 24554.

The Chinese officials have also tracked the last 14 days history of the man that got infected with this deadly SARS-like virus on January 23, 2020. According to the case investigation, this man belonging to the Ningbo’s coastal city caught the virus when he stood beside a 61-years old infected woman inside a booth at 07:47 a.m. (local time in China).

But still, there’s uncertainty regarding how the officials came to know that he remained there for only fifteen seconds. Whereas, according to the doctors, previously this 56 years-old man had not been exposed to the animals or the confirmed carriers of this deadly Wuhan-originated Coronavirus.

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Though he also visited a restaurant and two other supermarkets before getting diagnosed with this viral infection on February 04, 2020, there was no history of an encounter with an infected individual at these places.

In a statement, Jiangbei health officials revealed that authorities have quarantined almost 19 people who had been exposed to the patients infected by 2019-nCoV. An increase in the number of Coronavirus-infected patients has further burdened the Chinese medical facilities.

China is making all possible efforts in order to increase the bed space for accommodating thousands of recently-infected people. The opening of two field hospitals in mainland China had also provided the space needed to treat the infected patients.

In total, both these hospitals have a capacity of 2,600 beds. Besides these recently-opened hospitals, the conversion of public buildings into medical facilities for a brief time by authorities can also facilitate the infected people.

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Tencent is one of the leading companies in China that had unintentionally revealed the correct information regarding the death toll of Coronavirus. The figures from the tech conglomerate show that prevalence for Coronavirus was 154,023 and the death toll was 24,589 t last Saturday).

The list for unofficial names for this virus is also getting revised, such as Wuhan coronavirus and, china coronavirus. But still, it must need some more days.

Soon after this report, Tencent’s webpage was updated to reveal the official figure. Up till now, no name has been assigned to this novel Coronavirus that has infected thousands of people and caused the death of many.

But soon, the scientists may be able to name this virus that is known to spread with sneezing and coughing. The name given to this novel Coronavirus for a temporary basis is 2019-CoV that includes a novel (new) coronavirus subtype.