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After Trump, Mike Pompeo also Claims that there is “Evidence” on Coronavirus came from the Chinese Virology Lab

The U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also given a statement yesterday that there is sufficient evidence that coronavirus was made in the Chinese virology lab. However, he didn’t give more details and information on where is this evidence and why is he not making the whole world to see it.

These claims by the secretary of state were made while he was in an interview at ABC’s This Week. Pompeo previously shared that the US government is looking for all possibilities and evidence if this virus was made in the research laboratory of China. Before him, the US president Trump has also given a similar statement linking it with China.

Pompeo said in his interview that there is sufficient evidence on where this virus came from. In addition to this, he said later that he can also tell that there is solid proof that this virus is from the Wuhan lab, China.

However, he did not specifically say that this virus was “leaked on purpose” or not. In fact, it looked like that he was confused if this virus was man-made in a research lab or that coronavirus was leaked from the lab as an accident.

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He said that a majority of experts also believe that it was “manmade” and not natural. So it leaves no point for him to disagree with this.

But on the other side, the US intelligence agency, which was working on investigating the coronavirus’s origin published a different report, calling it neither man-made or genetically manufactured. Pompeo shares that he knows about the intelligence report and he agrees to it.

As to Donald Trump’s similar statement made a couple of days ago, he seemed convinced that coronavirus was genetically engineered in Chinese lab. On the other side, yesterday, the researchers at Johns Hopkins University, revealed that there are 1,134,507 coronavirus positive cases in the US and there are 66,000 deaths reported.

On a global level, there are more than 3.5m confirmed cases of coronavirus and the death toll has exceeded 245,000.

Considering the prevalence and spread of coronavirus in the US where public health officials are trying their best to control it. the federal government is busy making allegations on China.

The epidemiological experts believe that it is a possibility that this virus was made at the Wuhan Institute of Virology which is a hub of viral studies. But as its transmission is concerned, there is a minimal chance that it came naturally from the bats, and on its way, it mutated and became so dangerous that it has started killing humans.

Gen Mark Milley, the chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff shared in the last week that the “weight” and “quality” of evidence show that it was all-natural but somehow it is not a conclusive end.

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On the other side, China has rejected all these allegations that coronavirus was made in their lab and escaped from it or was deliberately leaked. But interestingly, the Chinese government is not allowing any foreign experts, including the delegation of the World Health Organization to join hands in understanding the origin of coronavirus.

The first-ever report on 41 earliest patients of coronavirus reported that 27 of them were directly exposed to the Wuhan seafood market.  But China has not shared the samples that were obtained from the wild animals of Wuhan’s seafood market where this virus is suspected to emerge with the international experts. A couple of years ago, there were concerned raised on the safety and protocols of the Wuhan Institute of Virology by the US.