An Unusual Case of Syphilis Spreading to Brain Surprises Doctors 

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that can affect the nervous system of those who are diagnosed with this infection. A recent case reported in the journal BMJ Case Reports shows that a person, from Australia, was diagnosed with syphilis with symptoms of severe pain in his eyes and headaches.

The man who was diagnosed with syphilis, a thirty-nine-year-old man, complained the doctors about the pain he was feeling in his eyes and headaches. It seemed as the man had the normal vision but he hadn’t. Because he always felt severe pain when he moved his eyes. The man was experiencing headaches for almost three weeks.

 Dr. Jason Yosar, a doctor of the Opthalmology department at the Sydney Eye Hospital of Australia found that the tests they took showed that the swelling was found in the optic nerves of that patient but at the same time the man hadn’t any unusual symptoms or problems.

The blood samples of the patient were taken to perform blood tests and the Syphilis causing bacteria were found in the blood of the patients. That’s why antibiotics were given to the patient with the help of a drip for the next two weeks that showed some significant effects of the decrease in swelling in the right optic of the patient with an increase of swelling in the left optic nerve that was a worsened increase.

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At the same time, it was found that the vision of the patient was safe and unaffected. He hadn’t any kind of symptoms related to nerve problems in eyes.

U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention found that Syphillis can be divided into four stages which may a primary stage, secondary stage, tertiary stage. Neurosyphilis can be caused at any of these four stages that have the potential to affect the nervous system of humans.

The symptoms of neurosyphilis are paralysis, numbness, dementia, a problem related to the loss of a person’s memory or thinking ability, a very severe headache and the muscle relating problems. If such symptoms are found in anyone he/she could consult the doctor.

Syphilis can be transported from a mother to his baby or many other ways which are the source of spreading syphilis. One of the spreading causes of syphilis is the sores with which a person may come in contact during different sex like oral sex, vaginal sex or anus sex. These sores are getting onto the different parts like the anus, vagina, penis, rectum, the upper part of the lips and inside of the mouth.

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The Mail Online reported that the man who was diagnosed with syphilis had an unguarded and open sexual relationship with many other male partners. And the toughest case that is recorded in the medical history is that when both of the eyes of the patients were found affected but they hadn’t the immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

TheU.S. tried to eliminate Syphillis from their country, somehow they were successful but the cases of men’s sex with men are increasing rapidly and about sixty-four men are found in the world that has sex with men.

The U.S. Centre For Disease Control And Prevention warns that if we will not check on syphilis, many harmful health problems can create challenging problems for us.