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Anthocyanin-based Gundry MD Power Blues Improves Digestion Within a Few Weeks

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Gundry MD’s Power Blues is a nutritional supplement that has been becoming a common choice and topic of discussion, especially among health-conscious people. After its launch in May 2020, the supplement was sold out within a few hours. According to feedbacks on Power Blues, most of its users have seen visible effects, especially on their digestive health within only a few weeks or even days. In addition to improvement in digestion, the supplement also has various other benefits to offer for all people regardless of their concerns.

What Is Power Blues? 

Power Blues is a nutritional supplement that is unique primarily due to its powdered polyphenol texture. It is made up of one hundred percent safe and powerful ingredients such as plant extracts, berries as well as prebiotics and probiotics.

All of these ingredients are scientifically known to provide a range of benefits to the body. The used formula has been noted to be very similar to that of naturally occurring superfoods and can provide a daily dose of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to a person.

Hence, taking the natural supplement can boost not only digestion but also natural immunity, heart, and brain health. Usually, the user will see the results of taking the supplement in as little as fourteen days.

In addition to its various benefits, another thing that makes Power Blues distinctive is its texture. Since it comes in a powdered form, a person can use it and incorporate it into his or her daily routine in a variety of ways.

For example, it can be added to a shake, a smoothie, or any other drink. On lazy days, a scoop of the powder mixed with only 80z of water can also be enough to reap all of its advantages.

What Makes Power Blues Effective? 

Power Blues is being used and recommended by more and more people mainly because it fast results. According to Gundry MD, the formula of the supplement contains some of the most powerful ingredients. The selection of these specific ingredients and their blend is also what gives fast results within a short span of time.

The formula contains natural fruit and plant extracts which are loaded with anthocyanins, which are a type of blue polyphenols. According to research on blue polyphenols, they are some of the most potent naturally occurring antioxidants.

Studies on anthocyanins have also linked the antioxidant to a number of improvements in organ functions and overall health. For instance, they are known to boost immune systems and help keep infections away.

They also occur in a number of fruits including blueberries, which is also why they are also a part of the formula of Power Blues. Similarly, the supplement also contains other plant extracts that contain antioxidants including blue spirulina, dragon fruit juice powder, organic beetroot, and acerola cherry extract.

Along with plant extracts, there are also two other ingredients that are fundamental in making the supplement effective. Both of these work side by side in boosting the health of a user, specifically the digestive system.

Probiotics are bacteria that are also present naturally in the gut and intestines. They are responsible for the breakdown and absorption of food. Any changes in the gut bacteria, therefore, leads to poor digestion or even an inability to absorb all nutrients from the food properly.

People who experience digestive issues frequently are always recommended to consume probiotics. Prebiotics, the other ingredient in Power Blues, are food for the probiotics bacteria. A combination of these can help soothe any digestive issues in a small period of time.

Lastly, a blend of ingredients that can kickstart the metabolism and help with overall cardiometabolic health is also added to Power Blues. These include rosemary extract, ginger, and green tea extract.

By adding Gundry MD’s Power Blues, a person will also get a daily dose of several essential nutrients including thiamin, vitamin B12, magnesium, vitamin C, riboflavin, biotin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, and folate.

Who Can Use Power Blues? 

According to Gundry MD, the formula of Power Blues is one hundred percent natural and is tested specifically for safety prior to being sold by a third party at a separate facility. This means that the supplement is also safe for usage for the majority of people.

Therefore, any person who is looking to boost his or health overall health or is suffering particularly from issues related to digestion can use Power Blues. Gundry MD suggests trying the supplement for at least a few weeks to see the visible results.

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However, the company also warns against using Power Blues as a treatment for a disease or medical condition. Power Blues is only a nutritional supplement and should not be used as an alternative or in place of other medicines prescribed for curing any health conditions.

People who have existent medical conditions should discuss with their doctors before adding Power Blues in their diet. Secondly, pregnant and breastfeeding women or people taking other medicines should also not use any supplements without consultation.

Directions for Usage

The directions for the use of Power Blues are simple and easy to follow. For maximum benefits, the supplement should be consumed at once a day by adding a scoop of it to 8oz water. The powder can be combined with any beverage of choice including milkshakes, iced tea, and juices.

The flavor of the powder when mixed with water itself is also refreshing and neutral due to the presence of blueberry extract. In summers, it can be used as a drink itself by adding the powder to cold water.

Are There Any Negative Effects of Power Blues? 

As mentioned before, the formula of Gundry MD’s Power Blues is made up of natural ingredients that have been tested for safety as well. Hence, the supplement is highly unlikely to cause any negative effects on the body and health of a user.

In addition to ensuring safety, Gundry MD also offers a 100% money back policy with no additional questions asked. A person can get a refund within ninety days if he or she is not satisfied with the effects of the supplement.

However, the company does encourage people to use at least eight to twelve weeks to see results. This is because the time of results can vary from one person to another. While some people may see results in as little as four weeks, others may need a longer time.

Where to Buy Gundry MD’s Power Blues? 

It is fairly easy for any person to look up and buy Power Blues as it can be obtained directly from Gundry MD’s website online. Although it may seem like the supplement will be expensive due to its rising popularity but the price is affordable. So, every person interested in using the supplement can buy it at the price of only $69.95.

In addition, Gundry MD offers discounts and deals from time to time. There are also certain packages that allow a person to buy three or even six jars at half the actual price. The shipping charges on orders over $60 are free all over the US.

Since Power Blue’s sales are really high, the company often runs out of stock, which is why any interested person should order it as soon as possible.

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