managing allergies during holiday season
Image by Bob Williams from Pixabay

Artificial Pine Trees Can Help in Managing Allergies During Holiday Season

Near the time of Christmas eve, the majority of the people are focused on planning and attending dinners and gatherings. While doing so, following certain conventions such as getting a pine tree is deemed as fundamental. However, health experts are suggesting that it may be time to introduce an alternative tradition especially since it can help in managing allergies during the holiday season significantly.

According to existent research, people who struggle with seasonal allergies during the colder months or have health conditions such as asthma as more likely to experience flare-ups and attacks at the time of festivities at home.

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While the majority assumes that it is due to the harsh weather, other factors may play a role as well.

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For instance, the holiday plans many busy to the extent that they forget to change their sheets, pillows and bed cover regularly as well as clean the house. At the same time, there is a higher number of people entering a house because of frequent meet-ups and gatherings, leading to more dust and pollutants in the house.

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On top of it all, the tradition of placing pine trees inside the house can significantly increase the frequency of allergic attacks. This is not because of the tree itself but because of the dust present on it and the pollens that may be released into the indoor air.

In addition, some trees may also have mold growing on them, which is especially known to lead to flare-ups in asthma patients. All of these can easily make someone who is already struggling with allergies sicker than before.

This is why health experts are suggesting people switch to artificial pine trees rather than buying an actual one from the tree lots in markets as it can help in managing allergies during the holiday season. The benefits of it are not only limited to a reduced likelihood of allergic attacks. An artificial tree can be re-used in multiple holiday seasons if maintained properly.

However, if a family is already re-using an old artificial tree, it is important to clean it properly before setting it up at any part of the house as they have been kept away for a long period of time and can have a lot of dust on them. Secondly, if the place of storage was damp, make sure to also look for and clean mold off the tree.

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Ideally, the tree should be cleaned a number of days before placing it inside the house and decorating it so that there is enough time to clean it and let it dry.

When it comes to decoration, the lights, stars, and other items should also be at least wiped and dried before placing them on the tree. While cleaning both the items and the tree, make sure to wear a mask or gloves. Both of these can help in avoiding coughing and sneezing from the dust particles.

After the planned events have been held and the holidays have finished, people with allergies should especially store the tree as it may get dusty and need cleaning again.