‘Mozart Effect’ May Treat Epilepsy Patients

The new study on the Mozart effect finds that it may actually help to treat epilepsy patients as a part of their standard treatment. Mozart effect means listening to the music made by Mozart, the famous musician which is thought to have miraculous healing powers, especially for epilepsy patients.

This new study which was an extensive meta-analysis suggests that it may help to feel the patients better and speed up their recovery. The complete findings were presented during the ECNP Congress. Click here to read the complete findings. 

This idea of Mozart’s music has some healing powers for mental health problems that were first coined back in the 90’s. There are a number of studies conducted to find if this claim was true but the problem with most of these studies was that they involved a relatively smaller sample size or had multiple variables involved. There were also allegations of this effect to be untrue to its healing benefits. For all these reasons, the health benefits of Mozart’s music had mixed reviews from the researchers.

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Dr. Gianluca Sesso and Dr. Federico Sicca are two researchers from the University of Pisa in Italy who decided to find the truth. They were able to review Mozart’s work that is linked with health benefits especially to treat epilepsy patients.

They went through a total number of 147 publications on this very subject and evaluated them in terms of quality and effect. Finally, they cut down their hunt to 12 research studies only and they categorized this information in 9 different groups.

They were astonished to find that listening to the music created by Mozart shows a huge reduction in the onset of seizures related to epilepsy as well as interictal epileptiform discharges that are otherwise common in epileptic patients. These results enhance if the patient listens to this music every day for a prolonged time.

Gianluca Sesso, the researcher working on understanding this relation says this study may not be the first one to evaluate Mozart’s music to treat epilepsy patients but it is the first one to confirm that it can be true. All the previous studies presented an uncertain picture as some of them were directed for one time listening to the music while others involved listening to the music daily. So it was hard to come to a single end but at least with this new review, the possibility of music-related therapy is clear.

Epilepsy is a common disease that affects millions of people worldwide. There are conventional treatments available to treat epilepsy patients but added factors such as music therapy may improve the quality of treatment and ensure faster recovery for these patients.

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Although this meta-analysis has confirmed the healing benefits of Mozart’s music how effective it can be on every patient varies on the basis of various factors. It is also different on the basis of the stimulus of the music that was used as a part of the therapy.

Obviously, all parts of the world have their own music culture, says Dr. Sesso. But it may not be possible for all of that music to have healing powers against any disease.

There is a new trend of using non-invasive methods to treat chronic disease and if this link between Mozart’s music and epilepsy is true, there are chances that it can be officially made a part of epilepsy treatment.


Scientists Discover a Novel Leptospira Strain That Might Cause Leptospirosis in Humans  

The researchers from Malaysia have discovered two new strains of “Leptospira” a bacterial genus and some members of this genus could cause leptospirosis infection. One of these newly identified strains is highly capable of causing leptospirosis in humans.

Typically, humans get leptospirosis from wild animals such as rats, cats, pigs, etc. sometimes it is asymptomatic but other times it causes fever, organ failure, and sometimes meningitis as well. This disease is highly prevalent in tropical countries as well as subtropical areas.

There are nearly 64 strains in Leptosspira which are isolated and identified from the human, animal, and environmental sources. Among all these isolates, L. interrogans, L. kirschneri, and L. wolffii in Malaysia are responsible for causing the majority of infections.

This new study has identified a novel strain named “L.interrogans” which is capable of causing infection in humans.

Vasantha Kumari Neela from the Department of Medical Microbiology and Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia is the lead researcher and first author of this study.

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She shared that initially her team only intended to study how the patients experience severe symptoms and what causes it. Their aim was to identify the biomarkers for leptospirosis disease in humans. However, they studied the efficacy of the currently available diagnostic tests and emphasized on the need for new diagnostic tools. The research results prove that the currently available methods are not 100% accurate to diagnose the infection. Also, the symptoms of leptospirosis are much likely to get mixed with the symptoms of other diseases i.e. dengue. It suggests researchers develop new diagnostic tools to identify and treat leptospirosis in humans.

This study is published in the journal PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Neela says that most of these cases of leptospirosis infection in humans are co-linked with their interaction with forests, camping, floods, or exposure to rodents.  She also told that currently there is no vaccination of leptospirosis available in Malaysia. However, the prophylaxis is available for highly susceptible groups that include the military.

This new study has highlighted the potential sources for getting leptospirosis infection and also explained who is at high risk of getting it in Malaysia. It has also put forward the need for a new diagnostic tool, and symptoms evaluation as per the newly identified strain so that maximum people are saved from leptospirosis infection.

Neela said; this new research raises a question for everyone that rodents, that are originally thought of causing leptospirosis are not the only host to transmit this bacteria infection.

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Kamruddin Ahmed from the Department of Pathobiology and Medical Diagnostics and director of the Borneo Medical and Health Research Centre also shared his views on this new study. He said that identifying and treating leptospirosis is a huge problem in Malaysia and he thinks there are many other countries as well who share this common problem.

Ahmed believes that there should be more focused studies on understanding leptospirosis and also shared that; “There is no user-friendly, reliable, and economic diagnostics for the disease. Furthermore, clinical diagnosis is disappointing as the signs and symptoms of leptospirosis vary considerably with the result that many cases go unnoticed and mortality becomes high.”

This new study is highly significant because it confirms that  L. interrogans and L. kirschneri are the main culprits behind leptospirosis infections in the Central Malaysian region but there exists a regional difference in these strains as well.

Ahmed says that there should be more detailed research studies to understand the epidemiology of Leptospira infection in humans. Only with these focused studies, the researchers would be able to set better diagnostic tools and develop a vaccine against it.


British Women delivers a baby in the Toilet, Completely Unaware of her Pregnancy

A 32 years old woman, Grace Meachim from Sussex gave birth to a baby in the toilet completely clueless of her pregnancy. This shocking case came into local news telling an unknown pregnancy while the couple was on contraceptives and all set to get vasectomy later this year.

Grace reports her unbelievable experience when she woke up early morning to use the toilet. She suddenly felt water breaking and contractions and her partner, James called an ambulance. However, before the ambulance arrived, Grace delivered a baby girl at home. The little one named Sienna weights 7lb 5.5oz. Both mother and the baby are doing well.

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Grace is a sales advisor who finds this unbelievable. When she went to use the loo, it was something that she was definitely not expecting. She reports no pain, no cramps nothing throughout this time period.

It is not the first pregnancy of grace. She has three previous pregnancies and knows how it feels. This was so sudden that she was in a deep shock to see what’s coming next ending at giving birth to a baby in the toilet. James is equally surprised on this; sharing his experience that he called for help and told that maybe it is a baby. But Grace was not pregnant so it is uncertain.

All that he can remember is that within seconds he was handing down to get the baby. It was all very fast and it is just like a movie scene, he says. Although it is not something that this couple was expecting they are sure that it would never happen again.

The couple shares that they were on contraception and planning to go for a vasectomy as they don’t want any more kids. Grace shares that she was all set to work extra so that they can file for a home mortgage.

This whole time, Grace felt no pain because she was on strong medicines for her shoulder. There was absolutely no change in her body size and it is still unbelievable how was she pregnant all this time.

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Instead of calling it a problem, the couple says baby Sienna is a “nice surprise”. She would always be a special baby and nothing would change their love for her. The couple is informing their families about the new family member.

Who thought that waking up at 4 am would eventually bring a baby into this world, says Grace. She also tells that even the families are surprised to know it and still processing this new information. The couple has now made this announcement on Facebook for friends and extended family members.

Many people are finding it hard to believe that Grace was pregnant in the first place. May be because she didn’t look pregnant throughout this time. The couple was considering two names Sienna and Alexandra for their newborn daughter. However, the final decision is made by baby’s siblings, Tyler, Jessica, and Blake who chose “Sienna” for their baby sister

New Procedure to Preserve the Nipple Color in Men During Breast Reduction Surgery in Men

The surgeons from UT Southwestern Medical Center have designed a new procedure to retain the nipple’s original color while undergoing breast reduction surgery in men. It prevents discoloration which is common in men who go for the removal of excess breast fat typically after a weight loss.

The complete findings of this procedure are enlisted in the research paper, now published in the journal Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum.

This new process involves the removal of the lower side of the breast and then re-lifting it towards the face, creating the natural breast shape. The excessive fat from breast and skin is removed from the lower side only.

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Breast reduction surgery in men is common when they lose several stones of weight by going through any medical procedure i.e. bariatric surgery or simply the lifestyle changes. The standard breast reduction surgery removes the nipple, leaving the men without nipples. However, this case would no more be the same.

Jeffrey Kenkel heads the department of plastic surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He shares that it is common for dark complexion men to lose their nipple color during this surgery. It happens because the blood vessels are cut and removed when they separate a nipple. After it, they graft it back to the chest but this nipple often loses its original color. Nearly 50% of people experience this discoloration of the nipple problem while going through breast fat reduction surgery in men.

This new technique which retains the blood vessels and doesn’t remove them during the surgery. It doesn’t even leave any excessive fat even with retaining the blood vessels. The surgeons would graft the flap back at the end of this excessive fat removal breast surgery by retaining the original color of the nipple.

Medical experts find it better than the standard surgery which grafts the nipple later allowing the discoloration to happen. With this new procedure, the natural color and shape of the nipple would be retained.

Men who have dark nipples were at higher risk of this nipple discoloration. The standard surgery could make their nipples light or give them a weird spotty look which is somehow undesirable by them. The original dark color changes to a much lighter tone of pink. And the truth is that many of these people don’t even consider this risk before they see it.

The breast reduction surgery is more about having a flat chest and less about a discolored nipple. However, most of the patients don’t call this a concern unless they see it after surgery, leaving no way to change it.

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Dr. Kenkel completed his first flap procedure in 2011 on a patient who was ready to have this surgery on him. Within the last eight years, 13 other patients have been under this same procedure. All of these patients were over 160 pounds before and they were able to drop their BMI from 52% to below 30%. However, this weight loss transformation left them with excessive, saggy skin and fat breasts.

This new surgical procedure takes nearly 90 minutes and the follow-up period after this surgery is up to 18 months. Only 4 out of 14 people reported some minor post-surgical problems such as late healing, seroma, etc. But most of them recovered fast and without any post-surgical complications. Only those who maintain their weight for at least three months are eligible for this breast reduction surgery in men.

COVID-19 Pandemic Urges People to Prioritize Health

COVID-19 pandemic has affected all major parts of the world and even after spending time in lockdowns, following social distancing, and wearing masks, it doesn’t seem like its ending anytime soon. On one side this pandemic has marked the problems and flaws in the healthcare units as well as changed health policy. On the other side, it has emphasized paying attention to individual health and make it a priority instead of ignoring it.

The ‘normal’ life after a pandemic seems impossible despite the fact that coronavirus cases have reduced in many areas. It is necessary for at least 70% of the world’s population to acquire a herd immunity against the coronavirus which will help in stopping new cases of coronavirus and deaths caused by the virus. But this idealistic approach doesn’t regard newborn babies that are not immune to the virus.

It looks like the long-term immunity against the virus is impossible. There are many cases reporting the second attack of coronavirus despite recovering from the first one. It raises questions on the herd immunity which may or may not be true. There is no way to understand coronavirus immunity without detailed and long-termed research which is unfortunately not possible right now. One has to wait to find out if the herd immunity for coronavirus is true.

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A small section of the total population has the virus right now but the problem remains the same because people are as vulnerable to this virus as at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. If there is nothing as herd immunity, people, even the recovered people are at high risk of a re-infection which makes it hard to manage the new cases.

On the other side, the experts believe there is only one way to control the new cases which are by social distancing and avoiding public gatherings. It sounds true and effective but after spending months in lockdown where the economy was almost on the verge of collapse, staying at home doesn’t seem like an option.

Now that lockdown in many areas has been lifted or eased, a large population of people is on the roads. The social distancing measures don’t seem to be followed as the health authorities recommend to do. In this case, the second wave of coronavirus seems evident. Whereas many researchers believe that the first wave is still not over and much liable to last longer.

In addition to the hygiene measures and social distancing, the COVID-19 pandemic is highly likely to ask permanent changes in life. Lifestyle and dietary habits need to be updated according to the researchers. The old lifestyle and social habits may not be tolerable now and instead of making it a problem, it’s better to accept it.

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Work from home may be the future of many careers, the personal contact may be limited, and preferably online, the hot-desk and joint-work may be abolished soon. Awareness of the risks and possibilities of following the ‘old habits’ is necessary. Health experts are suggesting that there is no way ‘back to normal’ even after the pandemic ends because no one really knows what’s coming next.

These behavioral changes are to be attained and sustained for the long term. Many countries are revising their public health policies to address the problems and improve community health. Together everyone should adopt the post-COVID-19 pandemic new normal life with health as a top priority.



India is Reopening Schools and All Public Places Despite Daily Increase in Coronavirus Cases

The Indian government has made a decision to re-open the schools, colleges, cinemas, and other public places after months-long closure. The Home Ministry of India has shared that the country is all set to re-open while the health experts believe it’s a mistake as coronavirus cases in India are among the highest in the world.

India has a population of nearly 1.3 billion people. The coronavirus cases reported in the country are nearly 6.2 million which are second to the US only. It has also reported nearly 97,000 people at least and this figure only accounts for official deaths. There are high chances that the virus is much more than the official reports as many rural areas have no healthcare facilities or official stats on the pandemic cases.

The government has somehow decided to lift the lockdown and re-open all the local businesses as the country’s economy seems to be badly hit by the pandemic. Millions of people in India have lost their earnings, while millions of others are on the verge of losing it.

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Regarding this school opening in India, some states opened their schools for 14 years old to 17 years old but this new announcement applies to all schools of the country. The statement from the ministry says that the re-opening of the schools, as well as coaching centers, will be decided after October 15th. meanwhile, online classes and distance learning courses are highly encouraged and no institute can force its students to physically attend the classes.

On the other side, higher education institutions and universities will remain close. But some science and technology institutes have already opened to resume their research work in the laboratories as it is almost impossible for them to continue their work from home.

Shutting the cinemas in this film-loving country was probably the most difficult decision. Bollywood industry is one of the largest film producing industries of the world and shutting it all added more stress to this coronavirus-hit country. However, now the government has decided to open the cinemas in India with only 50% capacity, hoping to control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of the international commercial airlines have suspended their business or are operational with limited services to offer. India despite being one of the biggest markets has shut most of its business but with the worst economic regression, it is now slowly opening them all. Some of the airline companies are only offering services to carry the citizens back to their home countries and not offering travel to other people.

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India has already opened the local trains, domestic flights, local markets, eateries, and metro. Some of them are fully functional while others are operated under restrictions.

The coronavirus in India has mainly hit the metropolitan cities such as Mumbai which is the financial hub of the country and the capital city, New Delhi which is home to millions of people and one of the highest traveling destinations.

Now India is second on the list in the worst-hit countries by coronavirus as it has now spread to rural areas that lack basic healthcare facilities. The government is trying to control new cases and right now, it is too early to comment if this re-opening of local business is the right decision or not.


Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) May Treat Respiratory Failure In COVID-19

For Covid-19 patients in acute respiratory distress, the University of Colorado and MIT have collaborated and proposed a substitute medicinal plan. They hope that this new drug could help to treat patients when ventilators are not available or not helping.

The drug is derived from a protein called tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) that is commonly used to treat stroke and heart attack. 3 hospitals in Colorado and Massachusetts are making plans to check the effectiveness of this drug in severe patients of Covid-19. Data emerging from Italy and china showed that in Covid-19 patients blood clotting disorder is giving rise to respiratory failure.

The detailed findings of this study are available in the “Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery”

Michael Yaffe and  David H. Koch from MIT suggested that if this drug work then it should be scaled up as early as possible because every pharmacy in the hospital has it. Researchers don’t need to make a new drug and are trying to repurpose it.

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In Wuhan, china a large-scale study revealed that 2.3% of Covid-19 patients needed a ventilator and 5% of patients needed intensive care. In the US many public health officials were worried that there may be a shortage of ventilators for severe patients. Many patients in Italy and China died of respiratory failure because ventilators were not available. This indicates that there is a want for additional treatment.

The treatment proposed by the University of Colorado and MIT team is based on past researches. The earlier researches revealed that microthrombi (very small blood clots) often form in the patient’s lungs during acute respiratory distress and reach the air space of the lungs, where gaseous exchange occurs.

A natural protein tPA converts plasminogen to plasmin (an enzyme that dissolves clots) and often given in large amounts to stroke victims and heart attack patients to break down clots leading to stroke or heart attack. Researchers think that tPA may help Covid-19 patients in severe respiratory failure.

1 health trial and animal experiments have shown great benefits of plasminogen activators in treating respiratory failure. In 2001, a human trial was performed and twenty individuals with severe respiratory failure were given plasminogen activating drugs (streptokinase or urokinase). Survival of these patients was not expected because all of them had severe respiratory failure but during treatment, thirty percent of them survived.

Yaffe suggested that till now this is the only human trial to treat respiratory distress using plasminogen activators because ventilators have been doing great and there is no such effect in Covid-19 patients.

MIT and Colorado research group has studied the abnormal bleeding and inflammation in the lungs due to traumatic injuries. Researchers found that inflammation linked tissue damage occurs in these patients and may lead to clot formation.

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Public health officials of New York and Europe revealed that severe Covid-19 patients are hypercoagulate (blood clots causing lung as well as heart and kidney failure). Yaffe found that using this concept should be helpful and it is necessary to know the right dose and route of administration.

Under FDA’s program, researchers will check the effect of tPA in these patients and if it seems to assist in the initial patients then it could be used further.

BARDA will fund the clinical trial and Francis Collins, the NIH director stated that Genentech ( the manufacturer of tPA) has given the drug for trial and if it helps in the initial set of patients then its use will expand further.

The research group decided to deliver the drug directly into the airways as well as intravenously and planned to deliver one dose over a 2 hour period and then an equal dose slowly over twenty hours. Yaffe found that if this drug will work it has great beneficial potential for Covid-19 patients. This study concludes that if tPA will work for coronavirus patients then people might get off ventilators quickly.


Eating Too Much Sugar Doesn’t Always Result in Type 2 Diabetes

Most people believe that eating too much sugar is the only reason behind type 2 diabetes. However, this is not true and misleading because diabetes is much more than just sugar intake.

Every one in ten people is a victim of type 2 diabetes and this number is increasing every year. The risk of diabetes is extremely higher in older people and the health experts warn that nearly half the population in the U.S. is diabetic or in a prediabetics phase. Not to forget, 90% to 95% of cases of diabetes report type 2 diabetes and type 2 diabetes and gestational are relatively less prevalent.

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One thing which is common in all types of diabetes is that they experience a sugar spike in their blood. It is remarkably higher which is why people believe that eating sugar food causes diabetes. For type 1 diabetes, it can’t be true because this type of diabetes is an autoimmune disease. However, it is more associated with other factors such as dietary habits and exercise.

For type 2 diabetes, this situation is different. An unhealthy dietary pattern along with an underlying genetic condition and a sedentary lifestyle all trigger its risk. The body changes its sugar metabolization capacity with age and for older patients, the risk of diabetes type 2 is the highest.

To understand the link between sugar and diabetes, it is necessary to know what causes high sugar in the blood. The biggest risk factor in sugar spike is the carbohydrates intake. These carbohydrates are present in almost all food items. From sweets to sodas and bread, carbs are everywhere.

Digesting these carbohydrates yields glucose which is directly released in the bloodline. These glucose molecules are responsible for energy production in the body. So, for the body to work properly, it needs glucose. But at the same time, this glucose production should be in limit, otherwise, high glucose levels could affect the health.

Despite people normalizing diabetes as ‘a common thing’ it has adverse effects on the body. uncontrolled blood sugar can result in cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, and other chronic problems. That’s the reason the human body has to maintain healthy levels of sugar inside the blood.

Dr. Diana Licalzi is a certified dietitian and nutritionist who emphasizes on a healthy diet to control high sugar. She says that anything that you eat is eventually broken down into glucose and the insulin secreted from the pancreas ensures the cellular uptake of this sugar. the remaining sugar is stored in the body to be used later.

But in the patients of type 2 diabetes, the natural capacity of the body to breakdown and metabolize sugar is affected. Instead of delivering it to the cells, the body accumulates it in the blood, causing a sugar spike. This condition is called insulin resistance which is common in diabetic patients.

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Taking an excessive amount of sugar is not the only cause of type 2 diabetes. Other factors such as being overweight, genetics, and lifestyle changes also have a huge impact on it.

A study published in the journal International Journal of Preventative Medicine reveals that a person’s waist measurement is also a good standard to predict the risk of diabetes, in addition to BMI alone.

So people who are at risk of diabetes or are already diagnosed with diabetes type 2 should work on their weight and reduce it to be fit and healthy. The best is to follow a natural weight loss, under the supervision of certified nutrition or dietician. Never go for the ‘popular’ and ‘trendy’ diet plans as they may bring undesirable effects making the condition worse.


Living Without Water- Woman Claims “Dry Fasting” Relieved Her Joint Pain and Skin problems

Recently a woman has claimed that she has stopped drinking water for over a year and this “dry fasting” has helped her to get amazing health benefits.

Sophie Partik frim Bali, Indonesia is 35, years old woman who says that living without water has healed many health problems of her including joint pains, food allergy, skin problems, puffy eyes, and even digestive problems.

She is a nutrition specialist and a yoga teacher by profession and she continues these dry fast for 13-14 hours per day. After that, she only takes liquids that are naturally present inside food sources such as fruit juice which she calls “living water”.

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Sophie says that she can get all the vital nutrients that her body requires from natural sources such as fruit juices, vegetable juices, and coconut water and she doesn’t really need to consume water separately.

Earlier, she reported having extreme swelling her joints and puffiness which made her face look so swollen.

Sophie says that a friend of her recommended dry fasting to her and that’s how this all started. The first thing that she noticed was a reduction in puffiness. Due to which she decided to prolong this dry fasting.

Dry fasting, also called “absolute fasting” is a regime where a person stops eating food and liquid even in the form of water, tea, or broth. This is very different from various fasts popular around the world which only restrict food but allow consuming water and other liquids.

People who endorse dry fasting say that it has helped them in many ways. Some of their “proclaimed” benefits include the following.

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Immunity boost
  • Cellular regeneration
  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Skin healing
  • Spiritual reasons (purity)

There is no research on dry fasting to analyze these benefits. Short-term dry fasting may help but a prolonged dry fast is dangerous for health and it might result in an extreme complication.

The problems start with “de-hydration” which is a situation where the body is low on water. This dehydration can cause electrolyte imbalance, leading to lowering blood pressure that can take a person’s life.

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Further complications include kidney disease, nutritional deficiency, eating disorders, metabolic diseases, and fainting.

While sharing her personal story, Sophie tells that her family didn’t understand this and thought that she was in a cult. She says it is confusing for many people because that’s not what we have been told traditionally. However, she is getting a lot of support through her social media fans from all parts of the world.

Sophie dreams to prolong her fast to ten days continuously but so far she has only made it to 52 hours.



Is Pornography Addiction/Porn Addiction a Real Thing?

Despite been around for centuries and having a widely accepted entertainment industry, the status of pornography is highly controversial. Some people call it a source of entertainment but others get offended by it. Likewise, some people watch it occasionally but others watch it regularly. A time comes when it is hard for them not to watch porn and this condition is characterized as porn addiction.

The important thing to know here is that porn addiction is not recognized as a medical condition by the American Psychiatric Association (APA).

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This addiction is the same as that of other addictions but since it is not recognized, many people including some mental health professionals don’t treat it like a disease. Also, there are no standard guidelines or treatment protocols available for porn addicts, which is why it is hard to help such people.

Pornography habits are not something that people like to talk or discuss. In fact, many of them hesitate to talk about watching porn. A survey conducted by Kinsey Institute reveals that nearly 9% of people who watch porn have tried to control their urge of watching it at some point in their life. But now, watching porn has become so much easy as it is available online even without paying any charges.

This easy accessibility has persuaded more people to watch it and without realizing they get addicted to porn. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), which is published by the American Psychiatric Association, is mostly used by mental health experts to help addicts. But there is no mention of porn addiction in this DSM neither it explains how to treat such patients.

The research reveals that all behavioral addictions are a lot more serious than they look. One research from 2015   revealed that porn addiction and substance addiction has so much in common. But other studies believe it is more than a compulsive behavior and less of an addiction.

But there is a fine line between these two conditions and it is extremely hard to distinguish between them.

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Compulsion means behavior where a person feels a deep urge to do something without having a real logic or motivation. Most of the time it is to reduce the stress. On the other side, addiction is an inability of leaving something even knowing the dangerous outcomes. The only thing which is common between these two is a feeling of helplessness and no control over behavior.

But whatever the reason is, watching too much porn is a problem whether or not a person knows the consequences. For everyone, watching porn starts like an interest in it. watching it, again and again, develops an urge to watch it on regular basis, and at this point, it becomes a problem.

When a person is caught in porn addiction, he feels that he has no control over his urge to watch it. It could be similar to internet addiction, shopping addiction, and other similar behaviors.