Excessive Hair Growth May be a Symptom Of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Getting diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can be tricky and confusing because it is not something that women expect. Unlike other diseases, identifying PCOS is extremely difficult because there is not any distinctive sign of it. However, most doctors agree that excessive hair growth is much likely to be a symptom of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Those who don’t know, PCOS is a disease that only affects women. According to the doctors, the main reason behind developing cysts in your ovaries is a change in reproductive hormones. When there is a hormonal imbalance, the patient is unable to release an egg monthly, which is otherwise normal during a menstrual cycle if there is no underlying condition.

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It is hard to identify PCOS by yourself because most of its symptoms are associated with a number of other conditions. Some characteristic symptoms of the polycystic ovarian syndrome are as follows.

  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Acne
  • Thinning of hair
  • Bald spots on the head
  • Excessive hair growth on the body
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • The appearance of skin tags
  • Skin darkening

Although these symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) appear differently in every patient most of them experience any or all the above-listed signs.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) estimates that every seven out of ten PCOS patients experience excessive hair growth on the face and body.  But it is also normal to have facial and body hair and having these hairs doesn’t necessarily mean that you have PCOS. It is necessary to understand how hair growth in PCOS is different than normal hair growth.

Clinicians characterize polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) to be a common condition caused by abnormal levels of a hormone called androgen. This hormone can perform a number of other manifestations as well that includes acne and facial hair growth.

The abundance of androgen hormones promotes excessive hair growth which is why almost all PCOS patients experience visibly dark, thick, and abundant hair growth.

The normal facial hairs are somewhat thinner and lighter. But androgen stimulated hair appears to be dark and thick called terminal hair. These terminal hair are similar to the scalp, genital and underarms hair.  So, does that mean all dark hair on the chin or cheeks are a symptom of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)?

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Of course not. Dr. Jessica Shepherd, a consultant ob-gyn from Texas says that there are many other factors that could increase hair production. For example;

  • Cushing’s syndromewhen the body produces high amounts of another hormone, cortisol, because of the exposure to certain medicines, it results in excessive hair growth.
  • Congenital adrenal hyperplasiaThis is a genetic condition where the body has an irregularity in steroid hormones production, resulting in hair growth.
  • Exposure to certain medicines- some medicines such as Minoxidil can trigger hair growth.
  • Tumor growth- although it is rare having a tumor in the ovaries or a tumor in adrenal glands can also result in excessive hair growth.

If a woman suspects having PCOS, the best is to talk to a doctor and get herself evaluated. Based on pelvic exam, ultrasound, and blood tests, a doctor can identify the cause of excessive hair growth.

Black people are Less Likely to have Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

A new study reveals that black people with malfunctioning valves are less likely to get heart valve replacement surgery which is necessary to save their life. This study is published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

This study investigated the quality and rate of treatment for the aortic valve stenosis in black people. This is a severe medical condition where the heart valves cannot function properly thus inducing blood leakage.

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The new heart valve replacement surgery has increased the chance of saving life in people with valve stenosis. If not treated, this condition is fatal and the patient may lose his life within a couple of years. But if they get access to the treatment, they can get back to a normal life.

Going through the e-records of 32,853 people diagnosed with severe aortic valve stenosis showed that valve replacement cases were overall low in people of all races. Only 36% of patients were able to get their hands on this life-saving treatment within one year of being diagnosed.

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 Dr. J. Matthew Brennan, the main author of this study expresses that nearly 2/3rd people are unable to get the heart valve replacement surgery which could kill them otherwise. Despite adjusting all the socio-economic factors, Black people were found to be least likely to get this replacement surgery as compared to the white men. This difference is 22.9% vs. 31% within one year of diagnosis and it is huge.

This gap was slightly reduced in 2015 and it became 29.5% and 35.2% in the Black and White people respectively. This year, many Black people were able to get transcatheter aortic valve replacements (TAVR) which are less risky and invasive surgery for stenosis patients.

In this TAVR surgery, the doctor uses an artificial valve and insert it in place of the ill-functioning valve. This process has minimal risks involved and the patient recovers faster.

Despite having progress in reducing the gap between racial discrimination in getting treatment, Black men with aortic valve stenosis are still not receiving the care that they need.

Another angle of this study is that it has only gone through those patients who were able to get access to the hospital. There are many other people mainly from minority groups who don’t even receive a diagnosis.

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The study researchers hope to find new studies focusing on understanding these racial differences and how to get over them. They also hope that people will be more aware of this disease and its complications thus seek medical care whenever needed.

This study has a high significance for being the first documented proof of a distinctive racial disparity in Black people, diagnosed with aortic valve stenosis. The only way to get over this disparity is by going to the bottom. For this, healthcare centers and organizations can join hands and set a plan for future studies and practical ways to remove this gap.



No Need Of Medicines To Get Rid Of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes or adult-onset diabetes is a form of diabetes that causes a high level of glucose in the blood and less sensitivity to insulin (the hormone that draws glucose from the blood to get energy). Weight loss increased thirst, and frequent urination is some common symptoms of Type 2 diabetes.

Current research regarding health reveals that people above the age of sixty-five facing health issues should exercise at least for a minute per. This short span of exercise is sufficient to give health benefits.

In Dundee, researchers from Abertay University observed many people who participated in workout sessions. People of sixty-five to seventy-five years old participated in groups for eight weeks. Each individual of all the groups had been enjoying an idle and settled life without any physical activity.

None of them had been doing workout consistently. Every individual was given a stationary bike and was guided to wheel the bike for about 60 seconds by putting full energy and without taking any break.

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If any of them failed to cycle the bike for a minute would perform the process of SIT (Sprint Interval Training) again.

Researchers found that a weekly workout session was sufficient to control the glucose level in the blood and improve the mobility of the participants. Insulin resistance increases in individuals as they get older and fail to draw glucose out of the blood.

This failure causes many complications like liver and heart problems and may direct to Type 2 diabetes. Physical activity is the best thing to treat type 2 diabetes. Along with exercise, a healthy meal is required to maintain blood glucose levels. Diabetes may lead to kidney problems and nerve pain so physical fitness and activity are required to reduce the chances of diabetes.

Dr. John Babraj found that SIT plays an important role in improving health. SIT enhances the capacity to draw glucose out of blood if completed once or twice a week. Muscles get the required glucose produced from exercise and in turn, a lower glucose level of blood. It not only lowers blood sugar level but also cope with heart complications, lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol level, and increases the sensitivity to insulin.

The study revealed that individuals performing SIT twice a week showed a better performance than those who didn’t. Progress was also observed in individuals participating in SIT once a week.

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Many improvements in the general activity to do daily work were observed in the individual participating in STI and differences were assessed in a common occupation like the effectiveness to walk up and downstairs, to open the door, and to do the daily chores.

For people with old age have huge complications because of the loss in the physical functioning of the body, social isolation and it affects the standard of life. Social isolation intentionally declines life standards.

The current researches find that older adults need to participate in the workout. Older people should go for an exercise of moderate intensity every week but it is very hard for older people to complete this task. Dr. Babraj wills to introduce SIT (sprint interval training) in the Government’s physical activity guidelines.

Better acclimatization was observed from both groups participating in STI once and twice a week than the minor changes expected by the researches.


Two Famous Breast Implants Companies Received Warning from FDA

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent warning notices to two breast implants manufacturing companies for not observing all the regulatory procedures to ensure the quality and safety of the product. The breast implant company Allergan of Irvine in California received the warning letter from the FDA for violating two quality assurance rules set by the authority.

The company did not conduct the tests to ensure the harmlessness of the breast implants in the long term and risk associated with the use of the two designs of the implants. Last year, both of these models were made unavailable for sale by the company.

The other manufacturer, Ideal Implant Incorporated of Dallas, Texas received the warning letter from the FDA and already went through inspection this year. The breast implant company received the notice for not following good quality ensuring practices in the manufacturing procedure of the implants. The company also did not report the inspection event according to the requirements due to which the warning letter was issued.

The warning letter issued to Allergan mentioned that the companies manufacturing silicone breast implants must test the prolonged effectiveness and risk associated with the long-term use of the implants after the approval of the breast implant model. The company should also give scientific details about their product that were not mentioned in the clinical trial before launching the product into the market.

The letter also stated that the company should conduct the studies to test the longevity of the implants even in the case of removing the specific model from the market to ensure that the people already using the model do not suffer from any risk in the long term.

The director of the Office of Surgical and Infection Control Devices in the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Binita Ashar, M.D. said that the requirements imposed by the FDA after the approval of the product are essential to ensure that the medical device does not pose any side effects. She also said that previously those implants were made unavailable since those models were associated with increasing the risk of anaplastic large cell lymphoma caused due to silicone gel breast implants.

The FDA has also warned the company of serious action if the manufacturer fails to comply with the quality requirements of the FDA and amend the violations done by the breast implant company.

The warning letter to Ideal Implant Incorporation stated that the company should comply with the quality assurance rules and regulations and fulfill the requirements of ideal manufacturing procedures. It was also mentioned in the letter that the manufacturing company should report the surveillance events and safety risks and issues in the medical devices to the FDA under the regulation of Medical Device Reporting (MDR).

Considering this letter, Dr. Ashar said that the inspection of the company earlier this year revealed that the company is possibly violating the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. She also said that the surveillance system of the FDA ensures that the manufacturing companies are following the regulations of the FDA during all stages of the production of the product.

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The inspectors revealed that the manufacturing company was unable to report the issues in the product to the FDA which could lead to serious consequences such as injury or death of the patient.

The Adverse Event Reporting program of the FDA deals with any breast implant-related issues reported by professionals as well as consumers of the product. The FDA takes action according to the reports to ensure safety and minimal risk associated with medical devices.


Using Artificial Sweeteners and Carbs Together Promotes Insulin Sensitivity

Recently, a new study conducted by researchers from Yale University in New Haven looks at the impact of different food combinations on the insulin sensitivity of a person. More specifically, it accentuates how taking carbohydrates with artificial sweeteners can be potentially harmful.

Insulin is one of the fundamental hormones produced by the pancreas in order to break down sugars present in the foods consumed on a daily basis. The body is able to produce appropriate amounts of the hormone only because of the sense of taste and sensitivity.

Hence, when the insulin sensitivity of a person is affected, it can lead to a number of serious issues ranging from problems in the digestion to metabolic disorders such as diabetes.

Therefore, insulin sensitivity is one of the key markers in various issues related to metabolism and is always checked regularly in people who are at high risk of metabolic issues.

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Avoiding lifestyle habits, foods, and other factors that can affect the sensitivity is mandatory for preventing associated issues in the future. Health experts suggest sticking to a healthy diet with controlled sugar and cutting down on alcohol and smoking.

Now, the new research, whose findings appear in the journal Cell Metabolism, shows that certain combinations of foods can also significantly affect the insulin sensitivity of a person in comparison with other foods.

The senior researchers, Dana Small, states “When we set out to do this study, the question that was driving us was whether or not repeated consumption of an artificial sweetener would lead to a degrading of the predictive ability of sweet taste,”

She further explains “This would be important because sweet-taste perception might lose the ability to regulate metabolic responses that prepare the body for metabolizing glucose or carbohydrates in general,”

However, the researchers, instead of looking at this initial theory, discovered a surprising connection between insulin sensitivity and consuming carbohydrates with artificial sweeteners.

This conclusion was reached after the researchers observed forty-five participants, all of whom were between the ages of twenty to forty-five and were healthy for a time period of two weeks.

These participants were further divided into two groups. Either group members were not asked to make any changes in the diet. Both groups were only required to have seven fruit-flavored juices.

In the first group, the drinks had either normal sugar or artificial sweeteners. The second group members had drinks containing maltodextrin, which is a carbohydrate and an artificial sugar called sucralose.

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According to the researchers, maltodextrin was adding in order to control the ‘sweetness’ of the drinks and control the calories present in them.

In addition to drinking the fruit juices, the participants also underwent functional MRIs before and after the two weeks period which allowed researchers to monitor any changes in the brain activity.

After the observatory period, the researchers found surprising changes in the brain activity of participants in the second group including altered glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity as well as the brain’s response to sweet taste.

Upon seeing these results, there was an additional seven-week trial with participants who only consumed juices containing sucralose and maltodextrin which showed that neither of these alone caused the changes in the brain activity alone.

In fact, it was a combination of both that caused the alterations. The researchers are unclear about the mechanism behind this but suggest avoiding the combination of both for reducing the risk of negative effects on insulin sensitivity and sugar metabolism.

What are the Effects of CBD on Menopause Symptoms?

The internet is full of the benefits and dangers of CBD that are often presented side by side. But in between all this, no one should forget the medicinal effects of CBD, especially on women’s health. There is a whole new debate on the safety levels of CBD products for menopausal women. The experts are still working on it but there are so many CBD infused products such as bath salts, lubricants, and vagina suppositories for dryness that people are buying.

Menopause is a difficult stage of every women’s life where her body shows many uncomfortable symptoms and eventually it changes their mood. There are so many products available to ease the symptoms of menopause. Some women take supplements, some go for hormone replacement therapy while a large number of the population relies on conventional remedies, and using CBD for menopause is one of them.

But it is hard to determine if these CBD infused products are safe or not; whether they would ease the menopausal symptoms or not.

Dr. JoAnn V. Pinkerton teaches at the University of Virginia, he says that using CBD for menopause is still an unproven remedy because despite these products being available so easily, there are no clinical trials and safety tests conducted for them. So everyone who is buying these products must know that these CBD infused products are not the first line of treatment for menopause symptoms.

Many medical experts acknowledge the medicinal benefits of CBD but still, it is hard to say that it is completely safe to use. Cannabis or marijuana is a common plant that has certain phytochemicals inside that are well-known for their psychoactive effects. These phytochemicals include tetrahydrocannabinol THC and Cannabidiol (CBD).

THC gives the cannabis plant its traditional “high” effects while CBD is not as psychoactive and doesn’t cause intoxication. This is why CBD-infused products do not make their users high or intoxicated.

There is so much research on CBD oil to show benefits on a number of medical conditions such as epilepsy, pain relief, and addiction treatment. But the information on the benefits of CBD in menopause symptoms is limited.

But there is research-based evidence that suggests the effects of CBD on inflammation and pain. while many women have used these CBD infused products to relieve menopausal symptoms and they are quite happy with their results.

The researchers from the University at Albany collected data on menopausal and postmenopausal women that have used these CBD products to relieve their symptoms within the previous year. The results indicated that a majority of women were satisfied with their experience but these CBD products didn’t relieve “all” symptoms of menopause.

Women shared their most uncomfortable symptoms as muscle pain, irritability, sleeping irregularities, stress, vaginal dryness, bladder problems, etc. using CBD products has relieved many of these problems so CBD does have physiological and psychological benefits on the women.

THC and CBD both are natural anti-inflammatory agents. They ease muscular pain and relieve stress-related disorders. This way they improve the mood and prevents agitation and behavioral changes. Due to its calming effect, the user feels more relaxed and it even regulates the sleeping cycle.

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But even after all these proven benefits, there is not much to predict if CBD infused products are 100% safe for women. Despite the benefits of CBD for menopause, there remain some risks associated with them.

For example, a study on investigating the effects of CBD on epilepsy revealed that many patients experienced worse side effects of it in the form of reduced appetite, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, and insomnia. Some of them also showed liver problems.

Also, there is a high chance of CBD interacting with other medicines that a user might be taking; for example anti-depressants and sleeping pills. This gap in the regularity of the CBD-infused products would always remain a big safety concern and could only be solved with safety tests of these products.

This Genetic Test Can Identify High Risk Patients of Bone Marrow Cancer 

The researchers have developed a unique genetic test that may help to identify patients who are at a high risk of bone marrow multiple myeloma at early stages.  This study explains that patients who have at a very low survival rate than average whose cancer shows a distinct genetic pattern. The typical treatment is performed using a drug called lenalidomide which alone is not going to help such patients.

By identifying patients whose cancers have specific high probability genetic attributes, doctors can find out earlier if these patients are unlikely to counter the treatment and also helping clinicians to search for other possible ways before time.

This study examined the efficacy of the chosen drugs mainly lenalidomide, in newly diagnosed patients of multiple myeloma or bone marrow cancer.  All these experiments were performed at The Institute of Cancer Research, London that examined 329 patients across UK hospitals from the phase III Cancer Research UK Myeloma XI trial.

The complete study findings are published in the journal Leukemia and this experiment was funded by Myeloma UK and the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), with additional assistance from Jacquelin Forbes-Nixon Fellowship and through Cancer Research UK.

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Initially, this experiment searched for patients who are at very high risk by examining the patterns of their unusual genetic mutations and genetic activity of their cancers. The research team’s target was to find out if these ‘patterns’ could give them an idea about the spread of their cancer like how fast it proliferates and how aggressive it is and also find out whether it is going to respond to lenalidomide on its own or not.

A major portion of patients, 81 in total, with SKY92 signature had cancers. This SKY92 signature and it is a pattern of gene activity that has 92 genes and it is related to great risk issues.

Normally cancer patients with the signature SKY92 high-risk gene expression had three times more probability of getting cancer earlier. Those patients who had deliberately genetically mutated cancers which are called ‘double-hit’ cancers had two times greater risk of death.

People with a higher risk of myeloma are in dire need of the latest treatment techniques which includes mixtures of chemotherapy blended with exotic immunotherapy drugs. In a new clinical trial, scientists will be looking for various best drug combinations.

Following, the scientists are planning to merge the perceptions of this study with the proceeding superlative trial in which scientists will be looking for various choices of treatments for the patients with high-risk myeloma. In this study, they will research at 470 patients.

The director of Research at Myeloma, Sarah McDonald said that researchers are familiar with the fact that bone marrow cancer isn’t all-purpose cancer and its treatment is necessary to become more customized. This novel research paper undertaken by the ICR team is a great milestone. The capacity to recognize patients of higher risk means they can get thorough treatment which they need at earlier stages and allows more study of this unit to establish new treatment techniques that can improve patient health and stability.


The Truth Behind Keto Candy for Weight Loss  

The ketogenic diet is probably the most popular weight loss diet of this decade and millions of people have tried or are currently on this miraculous diet. Keto diet uses fat as the primary source of energy in place of carbohydrates and is not bland like other weight-loss diets. For this reason, more and more people are following a keto diet and getting their desired body within a few weeks. Keto candy is one of the many keto-friendly products available in the market but hearing the word ‘candy’ can make people question its role in weight loss.

The idea of keto candy was taken from the dessert cravings that many people on the weight loss track feel. Unfortunately, there are not many options in diet-friendly desserts but there are a few keto-friendly options that can satisfy the sweet tooth.

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Contrary to popular opinion, the keto diet is not a specific diet where people eat standard low-calorie, bland food. Ketosis is a state of the body that is triggered by changing the energy source i.e. carbohydrates to fat. Once the body is under ketosis, it starts utilizing the fat stored inside the body and use them for energy production. This is the reason why the results of the keto diet are much more obvious and faster than almost all other conventional diet plans.

All that a person has to do it to eat keto-friendly foods, as long as he wants his body to be in ketosis. Once he changes his diet, the body gets back to the normal, “carbohydrates use to obtain energy” mode.

Candy is not considered a healthy choice nor a keto-friendly food. The high amount of artificial sugar makes it a super unhealthy choice and high-calorie snack for people who are already worrying about their weight. But keto candy, on the other side, is a healthier version of candy which is safe for weight loss. However, the store purchased candy may not be low calorie or keto-friendly, which is why the followers of the keto diet suggest making keto candy at home.

But if someone is buying keto candy from a store, it is necessary to check the ingredients and search each one of them individually for their source. The amount of sugar, calories, and carbohydrates should also be checked. If it has added sugar, the best is to skip buying this candy and make some at home.

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Although keto candy is diet-friendly it doesn’t mean that it can be eaten every day or replace a meal. Sugar as well as artificial sweeteners even if they are low-calories are to be avoided in keto diet because the carbs per serving drastically change the blood sugar. This is also true for the proclaimed ‘all-natural sweeteners’ and ‘diet-friendly sweeteners’ available in the weight loss product section.

Those who are diabetic or have generally high blood sugar and are following a keto diet should be extra careful while taking keto candy. Even if the candy offers zero calories or low calories, it can interact with blood sugar and increase it.




Older People are Physically and Mentally More Fit than Older People in the 1990’s

The physical and mental health of older people is much better than their age-fellows from the 1990s. This change was observed and explained by a recent study under the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä (Finland).  It revealed that being physically and mentally fit has helped to increase the life expectancy of older adults.

This study analyzed the physical and mental health of people from 45-80 years old range and compared the outcomes to the same age people from 1990s.

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Taina Rantanen, the lead researcher of this study says that they used different performance-based measures to see how these older people do their routine tasks. Then they evaluated the effects of these measurements on their cognitive health.

Among all participants, different factors such as speech, speed, verbal communication, memory, and everything is much better than thirty years ago. These people are more physically and mentally fit than people who are older than 80 years old. But some factors such as the lungs test were studied without identifying the differences in these cohorts.

An overall increase in the body size of these people and increased physical stamina ensures good walking speed as compared to people who were born before these people. among the highly significant underlying factors in these differences was the longer education.

A bigger body size increased age expectancy and improve physical and mental health all are much better than other older people who were born before these people. It shows that these people have grown up with a little different environment as compared to older adults 30 years ago.

There are many things that have changed, for example, better dietary habits, improved healthcare system, better education, accessibility to health and education, and much more productive life.

The increased life expectancy not only means more years to life but also shows better health. This observation is accompanied by the least chances of getting sick, better treatment facilities, and overall improved life.

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This study produces unique results because there is not much evidence on how the older generation is different from their counterparts of a few years ago. It may also give a feeling that understanding a person’s old age is somewhat old-fashioned which is considered to be lazy, sick, and vulnerable.

From the researchers’ point of view, the old age doesn’t always mean weak, sick, and bed-ridden. The situation is pretty much changed after the improved lifestyle, better food availability, healthcare system, and changed parameters. Right now, two entirely opposite things are happening together; one is that life expectancy is increasing. And second, the number of old people is also increasing.


HIV- Positive Pedophile Man Raped a Minor Girl

Anthony Alvin Hodges is a 35 years old man who is reportedly an HIV- positive pedophile who raped a 12 years old girl. The police arrested him after the parents reported their little girl as missing and it turned out that an ‘older’ man was trying to be close to her.

Anthony approached this minor girl using the location service offered by the Snapchat app. It led him to track down her address and tried to make her go with her. Police suspect that there might be many more victims like this.

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The rapist recalls his first rape when he did at the age of 19. Back in 2016, he was convicted of reportedly infecting one of his sexual partners with the deadly HIV but was set free on parole.

The little girl’s parents reported to the police about their missing daughter on 19th August. They also told the police that they fear she was talking to some older man on Snapchat. Police detectives shared with the media that it looks like the rapist found this girl using the location feature of the Snapchat.

The police believe there might be more victims of this HIV positive pedophile which are either unreported or silenced. This guy has many other allegations on him as well and it appears impossible to believe that this is his only rape.

With the help of the police, the girl was recovered and found within six hours of missing. Anthony tried to make this minor girl believe that she is his ‘girlfriend’ which is exactly what the girl said after she was recovered. She also told that she is having sexual relations with her ‘boyfriend’.

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If found guilty, Anthony will face a lifetime imprisonment. Anthony is charged with multiple counts of first and second degrees of criminals’ sexual conduct and involving in sexual intercourse with a person trying to infect them. All of this can make him a habitual offender.

The police also believe that girl lied about this man’s age. The girl says that Anthony told her that he was 19 whereas it looked like he is in his 40’s she adds. She also told the police that their ‘relation’ was only a few weeks old after which he tried to make her go with her. About the sexual health of Anthony, the girl says she was never told or informed.

Anthony is currently detained at the

The policOakland County Jail without the chance of bond.