Baby Sitter Who Seduced 13-years Old and got Pregnant Jailed for 30 Months

Leah Cordice, from Windsor, a married babysitter was tried for seducing a young schoolboy aged 13, who lured him by giving the boy free treats and fed him fish and chips to keep him from telling anyone about it and got pregnant. She is a married teacher, aged 20, and was 17 at the time of abusing the boy.

She blew up his WhatsApp time to time saying “I love you” over and over again. Cordice was the babysitter for the boy at his home and abused him during it from the year 2017 to 2018. She was 17 at that time and became pregnant with his baby. However, she claimed that the schoolboy had raped her.

Cordice was sentenced in the Reading Crown Court after she was found guilty of having sexual relations with an underage boy multiple times.

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During her hearing, Judge Peter Clarke QC said that Cordice had claimed she was the victim after being raped by the schoolboy various times. The IQ of Cordice after her examination was found to be 70 to 85 which suggests that she has marginal intellect. She was also aggressive during her cross-examination. Upon being told that it would put a negative impact on her case, she showed no regret towards her actions.

After the birth of his child, the victim was diagnosed with separation anxiety as his child was not allowed to live with him and social services had to take the child away.

The boy stated in the court that it has been hard for him to deal with the fact that his daughter is taken away from him. He can also not see her or be involved with her soon.

He also said that he’s hopeful he will recover from this incident in the future and build a positive relationship with his daughter.

The boy said that he feels bad for Leah due to the Press coverage and how social media is bombarded with comments about her. He also said that he is not angry at her anymore and hopes she gets out of prison soon so she can be involved in the life of his child.

The victim’s mother said that his son was not old enough to be the father of a child and he has to leave his daughter while he’s not the wrong one.

During the hearing of the case at the court, the jury was told that in 2017 Cordice made sexual contact with the boy for the first time and abused him while the boy was playing.

After that, they used to meet two times in a month to have sex as she used to be his babysitter when the boy’s mother was gone. Cordice also lured him by giving him money to buy snacks and she was always fishing for the attention of the boy. She also used to praise his profile pictures on social media.

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The abuse was put to an end when the victim’s mother found out that Cordice is pregnant with his son’s child and she informed social services about it. Initially, Cordice did not agree to have a DNA test but the Family Court ordered the test upon which it was found out that the boy is the father of the child.

Cordice’s husband said that it was heartbreaking for him as he believed the child was his daughter and they had a perfect life before he found out.