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Bizarre Case of Lip-Fillers Gone Horribly Wrong Questioning Safety Levels

Olivia McCann, a 21-year-old woman from Lancashire, was left shocked after a lip filler procedure enlarged her pout by triple. The women talked about lip filler safety and it’s cons.

She says that the beautician massaged her lips so hard that it looked like that they were about to pop.

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The beautician performing the procedure gave false assurances to Olivia that swelling was normal.

The experiences shocked Olivia so much that she hid at her home for four days.

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She even declined her boyfriend’s calls.

She had her treatment done before lockdown back in March. Olivia works as a flight attendant and was unable to go to work for two days due to the horrors of her treatment. She claims that this is just one of the several disasters related to filler she had faced over the past two years and now she wants to tell people about how to ensure lip fillers safety.

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Olivia said that the procedure enlarged her lips three times in size than usual. When she went to pay, people waiting to get their lips done were looking at her horrified and shocked. This procedure embarrassed her so badly while driving that she put her sunglasses on and says her lips looked like a baboons bum

She continued by saying that her boyfriend named Harry was continuously trying to facetime with her but she declined. Moreover, when her friend saw her, she burst in tears laughing at how she looked.

Her experience with lip filing began in 2018. She was content with the result but when she went for top-up after six months things began to go wrong. She developed pea-sized lumps that wouldn’t go no matter what she did.

The beautician offered Olivia a free dissolving of the procedure as a goodwill gesture.

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However, the beautician didn’t dissolve her lips fully but simply injected the lumps. Olivia cried when she looked at the mirror because she thought she looked silly.

She says as a girl she gets lip fillers to look nice but it went the opposite way, no matter how much she massaged them the lumps won’t shift.

After two weeks she went back to the beautician but beautician disappointed her. Instead of full lip dissolving the beautician stuck the dissolver into the lumps only. She also told Olivia to massage them after reaching home.

The beautician tried to blame Olivia by saying the lips were lumpy because she didn’t massage them, which she did.

Olivia says lip fillers are painful but dissolving them is a whole new level of pain.

Irrespective of her past experiences the 21-year-old whose lips are fine now plans to go for the procedure again.

Among FDA’s many guidelines about lip fillers, one of them is to always look if the FDA has approved the wrinkle fillers.

Her criteria for selecting a salon include regular examples of their work, good reviews, and trained staff. However, she wants to help others by warning them about the cons of lip fillers and said people should do their research about lip fillers safety first before undergoing the procedure.