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British Women delivers a baby in the Toilet, Completely Unaware of her Pregnancy

A 32 years old woman, Grace Meachim from Sussex gave birth to a baby in the toilet completely clueless of her pregnancy. This shocking case came into local news telling an unknown pregnancy while the couple was on contraceptives and all set to get vasectomy later this year.

Grace reports her unbelievable experience when she woke up early morning to use the toilet. She suddenly felt water breaking and contractions and her partner, James called an ambulance. However, before the ambulance arrived, Grace delivered a baby girl at home. The little one named Sienna weights 7lb 5.5oz. Both mother and the baby are doing well.

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Grace is a sales advisor who finds this unbelievable. When she went to use the loo, it was something that she was definitely not expecting. She reports no pain, no cramps nothing throughout this time period.

It is not the first pregnancy of grace. She has three previous pregnancies and knows how it feels. This was so sudden that she was in a deep shock to see what’s coming next ending at giving birth to a baby in the toilet. James is equally surprised on this; sharing his experience that he called for help and told that maybe it is a baby. But Grace was not pregnant so it is uncertain.

All that he can remember is that within seconds he was handing down to get the baby. It was all very fast and it is just like a movie scene, he says. Although it is not something that this couple was expecting they are sure that it would never happen again.

The couple shares that they were on contraception and planning to go for a vasectomy as they don’t want any more kids. Grace shares that she was all set to work extra so that they can file for a home mortgage.

This whole time, Grace felt no pain because she was on strong medicines for her shoulder. There was absolutely no change in her body size and it is still unbelievable how was she pregnant all this time.

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Instead of calling it a problem, the couple says baby Sienna is a “nice surprise”. She would always be a special baby and nothing would change their love for her. The couple is informing their families about the new family member.

Who thought that waking up at 4 am would eventually bring a baby into this world, says Grace. She also tells that even the families are surprised to know it and still processing this new information. The couple has now made this announcement on Facebook for friends and extended family members.

Many people are finding it hard to believe that Grace was pregnant in the first place. May be because she didn’t look pregnant throughout this time. The couple was considering two names Sienna and Alexandra for their newborn daughter. However, the final decision is made by baby’s siblings, Tyler, Jessica, and Blake who chose “Sienna” for their baby sister

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