Cancer Is The Biggest Cause Of Death In Firefighters, Report Reveals Shocking Results

A new research study by the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety discloses shocking results of firefighters being the cancer victims. The study recognizes cancer to be the biggest cause of death in firefighters and it also highlights a dire need of recognition and support for these brave men. Fifth Season Financial is offering a specialized solution for firefighters in order to lose the financial string on them affecting cancer and other chronic diseases treatment.

National Cancer Institute estimates that every person spends nearly one third to three-quarters of his savings on getting treatment for cancer. Most of this money goes to pay healthcare expenses, medicines diagnostic tests and therapies. Firefighters are not only at a higher risk of getting cancer but also susceptible to high death rates due to cancer. This rate is a lot higher than people from other professions.

A blog post  “Relieving Financial Pressure for Firefighters Battling Occupational Cancerposted on Fifth Season Financial’s website carries complete information about its new project called “Funds for Living and Giving (FLAG) program”.

Adam Balinsky, president of Fifth Season Financial highlights the health risks of firefighters including long term exposure to chemicals, smoke, and toxins. It could be really bad for health and Fifth Season is motivated to help these courageous professionals. This way, the financial suffering wouldn’t affect their access to healthcare services.

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This new FLAG program by Fifth Season Financials’ would help people to get estimated face value for their life insurance. When they are going through a critical financial stage, the health policy would allow them to use the healthcare services that they need.

Whole this FLAG plan has its framework based on the loan, so it is not considered a taxable amount of money. Moreover, it has no tax leakage for members of his own life insurance plan.

The company, Fifth Season Financial controls all payments and extra medical expenses for their client. The advanced money is easily repaid as the policy time proceeds.
Fifth Season Financial is providing its services since 2007. It has offered comprehensive solutions to balance the finances disturbed by chronic diseases such as cancer.

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The new program namely, The Funds for Living and Giving (FLAG) helps people diagnosed with cancer and other advanced-level illnesses. Buying a life insurance policy is helpful to meet the medical expenses without causing anything extra on savings.  Also, in more than 90 % of cases,  these funds are passed on directly to the beneficiaries.

Till the date, Fifth Season has delivered more than $190 million worth financial assistance to hundreds of people, from all parts of the United States. By taking help from Fifth Season Financial, the clients can achieve immediate cashback services without limitations and restrictions.

Here is a link to its website. 

National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety was developed on the basis of the “Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970″.  It is a research agency that is specially developed to work on an employee’s health and safety. It empowers the workers and creates a safer workplace for them.

It is managed by  U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Working with 13000+ employees, NIOSH works in different fields such as medicine, nursing, hygiene, health economics, psychology, workplace safety, epidemiology, etc.


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