Trump Says that Americans Hate Wearing a Mask to Prevent Coronavirus

The U.S President Trump is again in news for claiming that Americans hate face masks. For them, wearing a mask to prevent coronavirus infection is not the reason for wearing it. They wear it to tell that they disapprove of wearing it in public and they hate it.

This new statement by the American President is quite contrary to the recommendations shared by the Centres for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC). As to CDC, wearing a mask is one of the biggest tools to prevent catching the deadly virus which has infected millions of people worldwide.

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Trump says that it is observant from their gestures that they disapprove of wearing it. They take it off from their faces and touch their nose, mouth, and eyes after it. And still, when they end up at a hospital, they ask, how did they get coronavirus?

Trump shared this during his recent interview with The Wall Street Journal.

CDC has warned all public to wear any type of face mask even the cloth mask to prevent catching the infection. In addition to this, it has recommended the following social distancing by avoiding large gatherings and standing close to the people in public.

Medical experts warn that coronavirus has a high community-based transmission rate. Still, people are not using a face mask to prevent coronavirus.

President Trump who is often in public without a face mask finds these public opinions disturbing. Him condemning this face mask issue while he didn’t wear it during his visit to Ford’s plant in Michigan are quite opposite to each other.

Upon asking him this same question, he said that he was wearing a face mask to prevent coronavirus. It’s just that he didn’t want media to see it so he removed it. before this visit, two weeks ago Trump was also spotted not wearing a mask during a tour of Arizona Honeywell plant.

Despite the public anger and opposition, the CDC still recommends using a face mask to prevent coronavirus. It is not just for individual safety but also saves other people from catching the virus.

Trump, on the other side, says that the US is doing good in managing coronavirus cases. However, there are numerous new cases reported in multiple US states. Coronavirus is a relatively new virus that has no previous information, medicine, or vaccine available.

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The only way to prevent catching the disease is by following the general recommendations. People who are old, feeble, or have an underlying medical condition are at a higher risk. CDC shares that coronavirus is deadly for people 65 years of age or over it.

As to medical conditions; those who have lungs, heart, genetic diseases, obesity, or diabetes are at a significantly higher risk. The coronavirus cases in the US have crossed 2 million, out of which, more than one million have lost their lives.

Social distancing and wearing a mask to prevent coronavirus are things that could help in viral transmission. People have to make sure of following these recommendations for their own safety. Whether or not how wearing a mask feels like, it is still necessary to wear one.



Trumps Suggests to Stop Coronavirus Testing in America for Reducing Cases

The coronavirus cases in the US are increasing every day and the situation is worse with the ease of shutdown across the country. The economy shattered under the pandemic and many people lost their jobs. But ever since the government announced to reopen the states, coronavirus cases are also increasing.

Recently, President Donald Trump attended a roundtable event in which he addressed the coronavirus situation. He said that the coronavirus cases in the US will reduce if they stopped testing for the virus. Trump also suggested stopping contact tracing of coronavirus patients.

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Previously Trump gave the same remark on coronavirus testing at an occasion. He said the media is maligning their image by reporting the highest coronavirus cases. They have the highest cases of coronavirus in the country because they are doing the highest number of tests. He said that we should reduce our testing during a conversation with Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa.

Trump also said that the media is reporting there are more COVID cases in America than any other country. Also, the cases exceeded coronavirus cases in China. He said that these statements are not true since America is doing more tests than any other country.

Trump commented on the spike in coronavirus cases in many states of the US. The cases surged after the government announced ease in the lockdown. Many states relaxed the preventive guidelines and social distancing in public places.

Johns Hopkins University provided the data for coronavirus cases in the US. Currently, there are 2.1 million cases of coronavirus in the country. Also, the number of fatalities due to this infection reached 116,000.

Initially, the prominent states including New York, California, and Washington were leading in the number of cases. Later, the state governments implemented a strict lockdown policy and shut down most of the businesses. Also, the government ordered the non-essential workers to work from home.

This led to a significant reduction in the number of coronavirus cases in these states. Also, there were fewer fatalities and hospitalization after the lockdown. This shows that the shutdown helped reduce the impact of the coronavirus on these states.

Since these states eased the shutdown and the businesses are reopening gradually, the cases will surge again. The experts predicted that the number of cases will increase as the people will come out of their homes again.

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The cases of coronavirus will also surge due to the Black Lives Matter protests all over the country. The countrywide protests are going on against the killing of George Floyd. People are protesting against the brutality of the police and systemic racism in the country.

An increase in coronavirus infections is seen within the past 15 days. The deputy director of the Rural Health Research Center at the University of Minnesota, Carrie Henning-Smith said that the rural communities will be more affected due to coronavirus. If the coronavirus cases surge again, the rural areas will hit hardest.

These communities usually have more older people with less economic growth. These people also have more underlying health conditions with less health care facilities. Hence, these people will suffer more due to spike in coronavirus cases in the US.

 US Consulate Says that China Will Reopen Soon amid Coronavirus Pandemic 

China is gradually returning to normalcy after fighting the coronavirus pandemic for months. The lockdown is completely lifted in Wuhan which was the center of the outbreak a few months back. In the meantime, the US State Department intends to send the US consulate staff back to Wuhan, China.

The Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs, Mary Elizabeth Taylor issued a notification saying that the State Department plans to reopen the consulate at the end of this month. The Department can also reschedule opening on 22nd June 2020 according to the given circumstances.

The notification also stated that it is important to send the staff to Wuhan to mitigate the relations between the US and China. The US consulate in an important diplomatic post in China which needs to be reopened soon.

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During the coronavirus pandemic, Trump continuously blamed China for spreading the coronavirus globally. He even called the coronavirus, which originated in the Hubei province of China, the Chinese virus in many of his addresses. This led to tense relations between China and the US.

In the meantime, Mike Pompeo, the State Secretary said that China is not completely transparent on the matter of coronavirus pandemic on various occasions. He also repeatedly said that Trump administration will make China pay for the coronavirus outbreak. However, President Trump will make the final decision on how to execute their plans.

China implemented a lockdown in early January as the virus spread in many regions of the country. Meanwhile, the US consulate staff was brought back on the orders of the State Department. Many families and the non-emergency personnel in Wuhan departed from the city.

The American diplomats along with hundreds of US citizens returning to the US on chartered flights of State Department. They were evacuated between late January and the first week of February. China later lifted the lockdown gradually in April as the number of cases in Wuhan became stable.

The State Department stated in the congressional notification that the situation of coronavirus pandemic in China is better than before. The virus is now contained specifically in Wuhan which is located in the Hubei province. Therefore, the US consulate should resume regular operations considering the situation in Wuhan.

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The department intends to resume work around the world in phases. A spokesperson from the State Department said that there are 97 posts which are in phase 1 of reopening and 35 foreign posts are already in phase 2.

The State Department plans that 40 percent of the non-vulnerable employees will return to work during phase 1 of reopening. During phase 2, 40 to 80 percent of employees will come back to work.

The spokesperson also said that Washington will enter Phase 1 from the coming Monday. The State Department is monitoring the coronavirus outbreak situation in Washington to ensure that they reopen safely.

While hundreds and thousands of deaths due to the coronavirus are recorded during the pandemic, the US is reopening different states in phases. The extensive lockdown caused an economic crisis in the country and the after-effects of the coronavirus pandemic will be observed in the coming months.

 Coronavirus Updates: Seven Million People Now Infected Globally

The coronavirus emerged in late 2019 to cause a worldwide pandemic.  The new coronavirus updates show that within a few months, seven million people around the world are infected. Two-thirds of this infected population are from the United States and Europe. The official number of confirmed cases reached 7,003,851 while the death toll reached a staggering number of 402,867.

The largest number of coronavirus cases is recorded in Europe with 2,275,305 infections and the number of deaths reached 183,542. The number of cases in the United States alone is 1,942,363 confirmed cases while the death toll reached 110,514.

The second-highest death toll in the world is in the UK with 40,625 mortalities due to the coronavirus. The recent coronavirus updates show Brazil is in line for becoming the new epicenter of the virus.

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Nearly one million coronavirus cases are reported in the previous ten days. The number of cases doubled during the past one month. This shows that the virus is still spreading exponentially, although the pandemic started months ago.

The data for coronavirus infections are obtained from the World Health Organization (WHO). However, it is feared that the number is much greater than that.

Most of the countries increased their coronavirus testing capacity during the past couple of months. Meanwhile, some countries are still only testing patients with severe illnesses and symptoms of the infection.

The fatalities due to the virus are now equal to the total number of deaths due to malaria annually, as depicted in the five-month coronavirus updates. It should be considered that malaria is one of the deadliest diseases in the world.

Most of the countries are desperate to return to normalcy. Thus, the ease in lockdown is widely observed. Even though the number of coronavirus cases is rapidly increasing in most parts of the world.

A health official from WHO warned the Western countries for another wave of the coronavirus later this year.

The WHO director for the Western region, Dr. Hans Kluge said that he is extremely concerned about another wave of coronavirus infection during fall. During the season, a wave of measles and the seasonal flu is also expected. He also warned that the European countries should start preparing for the second wave of the virus.

Professor Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer also warned that the second wave is possible deadlier than the first outbreak of the pandemic.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson eased the lockdown making the health officials worried about the situation. The coronavirus updates tell that the new infections are now reaching 8,000 cases per day in the UK. The departmental stores and other shops will reopen from June 15.

Professor John Edmunds attends the meetings of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies of the British Government. He said that the coronavirus pandemic is not over yet and it will continue for a long time.

Nearly all businesses in the world resumed in the past weeks. The pandemic took a severe toll on the world economy. Most of the countries were forced to reopen despite the exponential increase in the number of coronavirus cases. The ease in lockdown will potentially spike the number of cases within a few days.

A-list Celebrities Join the Black Lives Matter Protests

Murder of George Floyd sparked outrage and protests in the United States and all over the world. The protests amid a pandemic are a huge risk of spreading the coronavirus. Thousands of people, along with numerous celebrities joined the protests.

On Sunday, the Black Lives Matter movement protest occurred in Hollywood. Many celebrities were seen in the crowd of thousands of people. Prominent names include Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Both were wearing protective face masks but people still recognized them.

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The couple protested holding their homemade signs in favor of the movement. JLo was wearing a pair of leggings and a black hoodie. Her protective gear included a black face mask and disposable blue gloves.

Rodriguez, seen along with Lopez, had his black ensemble on with a pair of black shades. He was also wearing disposable gloves and a cloth face mask.

According to the LAPD‘s Hollywood Division, 50,000 people joined the protest on Sunday. The protest on Sunday recorded as the largest one so far in Southern California.

It was peaceful protest as the marchers followed their route through several famous landmarks of the area.

The marchers made their way through the Walk of Fame in Hollywood and passed the Kodak Theatre, the site of annual Academy Awards. The protestors put the Black Lives Matter flag on the Capitol Records building during the march.

Jamie Foxx, an Oscar-winning actor joined the protest in Hollywood on Sunday. The Hollywood celebrity recently did the film Just Mercy alongside Michael B. Jordan.

Other Hollywood celebrities spotted in the Sunday protest include Vanessa Hudgens, Kaia Gerber, Machine Gun Kelly, Ireland Baldwin along with other prominent faces.

Machine Gun Kelly handed free water bottles and snacks to the protestors. Most of the celebrities wore cloth face masks to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

Peaceful protests continued in all states of America after the murder of George Floyd. He died when a Minneapolis white police officer kneeled on his neck for more than eight minutes. The compression led to his death as he could not breathe due to the pressure.

George pleaded with his hands cuffed behind his back. The police officer Derek Chauvin did not lift his knee despite his continued pleading.

Chauvin is now facing charges of second-degree murder. The other three police officers who joined him are charged with aiding second-degree murder and abetting second-degree murder of George Floyd.

The Black Lives Matter protests turned into a worldwide movement after the death of a black man. George Floyd was accused of using a counterfeit $20 cheque. He died shortly after the police officer compressed Floyd’s neck under his knee for almost nine minutes.

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The protests are going peacefully with most of the marchers wearing face masks. Some people also wear disposable gloves for the protest. However, the risk remains that the protests contribute to the vast transmission of coronavirus.

It is feared that the number of coronavirus cases will spike once again after the protests end in America. The people are advised to wear protective gear during the march and practice social distancing as much as possible.

Lockdown Ending Causes Highest One-Day Increase in Coronavirus Cases in Arizona

The US state of Arizona has reported its highest number of coronavirus cases within a day, ever since this pandemic has started. This single-day increase also reports a high admission rate in hospitals suspecting coronavirus. These coronavirus cases in Arizona suggest that ending the lockdown was probably not the wisest idea.

Medical experts believe that it was somehow ‘predictable’ considering the risks of easing the lockdown. Not to forget, the ‘stay at home’ rule in Arizona already ended some two weeks before and now everything seems normal there.

But in terms of virus spread, coronavirus cases in Arizona have been recorded as highest. It is similar to the viral peak in the month of May when the state was trying to handle all these cases.

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Now that lockdown is ended, people are back to their jobs and stay at home order don’t hold any more significance, coronavirus cases are increasing.

Yesterday, the state officials reported some 1.127 confirmed cases of coronavirus within a day. It is the highest single-day increase in the coronavirus cases in the state ever since the pandemic has started. The Arizona Department of Health Services dashboard has confirmed this information on its website.

Also, the Arizona state has made another record for more than a thousand hospital admissions within a day. However, not all of these cases were of coronavirus. Still, this is worrisome news that so many other infections are making people severely sick.

The hardest-hit area in Arizona is its Maricopa County. The increase in coronavirus cases in Maricopa Country also tells the increase in testing capacity which could even identify otherwise asymptomatic or mild cases of the deadly coronavirus.

Within a day, coronavirus cases in Maricopa County have reached 615 but it is hard to tell how many of these cases are reported within the last 24 hours. Also, this increase in confirmed patients also tells that additional testing is helpful to find coronavirus cases in Maricopa County even if they are mild.

Overall, the coronavirus cases in Arizona are 21,250 to this day. For all these confirmed patients, the state conducted more than 330,000 screening tests to find out coronavirus positive patients.

The deaths by a coronavirus in Arizona are 941 and only on Tuesday, 24 new cases of coronavirus deaths were reported.

All US states are easing the coronavirus lockdown and medical experts are warning the public that it could be a major viral bloom time. Therefore, everyone should try to follow the social distancing recommendation and use a mask whenever in public.

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The second wave of coronavirus is not too far if people continue to ignore recommendations like this. Research on coronavirus is useless if people are not following the necessary protocols and necessary precautions.

There are more than 1.8 million cases of coronavirus in the US with at least 106,000 deaths by a coronavirus. Although the number of daily cases is dropped many states are reporting a re-emergence of new coronavirus cases, suggesting that the second wave of coronavirus is expected.



Did China Delay the Release of Coronavirus Information?

The coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, China for the first time which led to a pandemic within a few months. During the initial phase of the coronavirus outbreak, The World Health Organization (WHO) repeatedly praised the efforts of China to contain the spread of the novel virus. The global organization publically thanked the government of China for providing them the genetic map of coronavirus within a short time. The transparency of the government related to sharing coronavirus information was also acclaimed.

It only appears to be a coax since China had delayed providing significant information related to the virus which caused the authorities to become frustrated as they did not have the required coronavirus information to control the outbreak.

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China delayed the release of the genome of coronavirus for about a week. Until then, several labs under the government had provided that information. According to several interviews of the officials, the blame was put on the stringent control and competition inside the healthcare system of China.

On January 11, a virologist website published the genome of the virus, and later it was released by the Chinese government. Furthermore, China delayed the detailed information of the Covid-19 cases for another two weeks. The U.N. health agency conducted internal meetings throughout January in which the Chinese officials did not provide the data of Covid-19 patients.

The authorities at WHO publically praised China to extract further information from the Chinese government. In private meetings, however, the WHO officials repeatedly complained that the government has not provided them with enough information to assess the situation of the outbreak. They were not able to timely deduce the risk this virus poses to the public.

Maria Van Kerkhove is the technical lead for coronavirus pandemic at WHO and an American epidemiologist. She said in a private meeting that they do not have adequate information to plan the resistance against the virus.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said that in the next couple of years, China will provide $2 billion to eliminate the virus. He said that the Chinese government has always timely provided the coronavirus information.

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention provided retrospective data of infection from January. The data suggests that the virus had spread 100 to 200 months over almost one month. On January 2, a government lab decoded the complete genome of the virus and on January 30, a worldwide emergency was declared by the WHO.

The virus has spread globally while infecting around 6 million people and causing nearly 375,000 fatalities.

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A professor at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Ali Mokdad at the University of Washington said that the outbreak could have been less severe if the WHO responded earlier. The health experts along with Mokdad said that there is a possibility that if WHO confronted China about the situation, they might have ended up getting no coronavirus information from the Chinese government.

The Chinese officials have denied the claims and said that they have been completely transparent with the public and WHO from the beginning. They also said that the coronavirus information has been released responsibly and promptly.

The Bizarre Nutella Biryani Recipe Goes Viral

When it comes to Indian cuisine, no one can forget the taste and aroma of biryani. Emerged from Iran, it made all the way to India in hundreds of years. Right now there are more than 80 different types of Biryani recipes. But what has shocked the world is the latest ‘Nutella biryani recipe’ which has the set Internet on fire.

Indian sweets like Gulab Jamun, Rosh Gulla, and Kheer have their own special place in international cuisines but having these weird food combinations is the new talk of the town. Be it Gulab jamun pav bhaji or Kurkure milkshake, people are doing everything to kill time during this pandemic. Probably this new Nutella biryani fuss is also a creation of coronavirus lockdown boredom. Otherwise, who thought that these two ingredients can be mixed for one dish?

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Biryani is a nearly 400 years old dish that has its roots in Hyderabad, India. It is a signature dish of this area which is generally called a local dish but it is originally from outside India.

It is somehow close to the ‘pulav’ or ‘pilaff’ an Iranian cuisine which shows that biryani has some links to Iran. The name for ‘biryani’ in Persian is “birinj biriyani” which means fried rice.

Typically, its recipe uses a slow cooking process of marinated meat, seasoning, and rice layers. With the passage of time, this biryani recipe is evolved not just in India but internationally as well.

But the dish has also evolved in India, where it has a colorful and varied history. The street-side serving of Biryani today is somewhat different and comes it multiple variants of biryani. The recipes also differ as to areas. For example, in Malabar biryani of Kerala, the locals use fish or prawns instead of chicken. It is stronger and more aromatic than the Hyderabadi Biryani.

In addition to this, the Dhaka variant of biryani is entirely different but still tasty. However, this new internet sensation Nutella biryani is a brand new form of it. And who could ignore the famous, less spicy Bohri Biryani? However, the new internet sensation Nutella biryani is different and extremely opposite of all variants of traditional biryani recipes.

The biryani serving in five-star hotels even at its native areas in India also use a different recipe. This biryani is less aromatic and spicey as compared to the original recipes. Also, many people believe that the street side food corners of biryani serve more flavorsome and delicious biryani than most hotels.

In any case, the Nutella biryani recipe is somehow a shame for the traditional biryani recipe, according to many people. This new bizarre food combination is getting highly negative popularity on the internet. People are bashing it for destroying the actual taste of biryani but still, it’s the hottest trend on almost all food blogs.

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The photo that is viral on Internet shoes a plate of biryani rice with Nutella all over it. The biryani lovers share this Nutella biryani post as their worst nightmare. Buts still, there are people i.e. Nutella lovers who are calling this recipe ‘innovative’ and ‘unique’.

To this date, this bizarre Nutella biryani recipe has reached 3k shares. But the final answer is still a mystery if it is or it is not a worth trying option.

Would you like to try this bizarre new Nutella biryani recipe?

Coronavirus in India-Monkeys Ran Away with COVID-19 Samples

Coronavirus in India surpasses 173,000 cases and the government has started mass testing of the common public. However, recently a group of monkeys has attacked a lab assistant who was carrying the coronavirus samples. Reportedly, the monkeys ran away with COVID-19 sample kits.

This unusual incident happened in Delhi, near Meerut Medical College where a number of people witnessed monkeys chewing coronavirus test kits. The local media reported that monkeys allegedly attacked a lab assistant who was transporting the samples of three coronavirus patients and ran away.

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One monkey was seen on a nearby tree and it was chewing the test kits of COVID-19 patients. Not only this incident has discarded the samples taken from the patients but also raised a new question, what if the monkeys got coronavirus too?

As to the samples, all three patients would be tested again. But the answer to the latter question is still unknown.

But the superintendent of Meerut medical college, Mr. Dheeraj Raj told the local media that he has recovered the undamaged testing kits. These kits were not torn or chewed so probably they are not contaminated.

Coronavirus in India is slowly taking over all main cities as the cases are increasing every day. But this is one of its types of incidents where monkeys, often called as highly intelligent animals tried to take advantage of the situation.

The presence of monkeys especially in the urban areas was much lesser butt he recent coronavirus lockdown has caused an increase again. Despite having religious and cultural value, monkeys in urban areas are rather associated with a number of bizarre incidents as reported in this news.

The local channels have reported a high increase in monkeys’ populations even in the most crowded areas.

Generally, monkeys like to live around humans and they often try to snatch things especially the food items from humans. Experts have advised people for not interacting with animals like monkeys during the coronavirus pandemic as it might help the virus to mutate.

The researches have warned that if coronavirus in India mutated, this new virus would be even more deadly for humans, primates as well as animals that eat these primates.

The real problem is that there is very little information available on coronavirus. While there is nothing confirmed on where did coronavirus come from and how did it jump to humans from bats, the only thing that could help is to limit its mutation. The real answer to all these questions would be only provided with more extensive research which of-course would take years.

There were previous cases of these primates causing problematic situations in Delhi such as snatching the mobile phone, stealing food or clothes, entering inside the houses and scaring people, etc. Ever since the coronavirus in India took a rush, the monkeys have surrounded all public, but vacant places. Right now they could be easily spotted around the parliament house and ministries even around the prime minister house.

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The only way to prevent such incidences in future is to control the monkey population, especially around highly populated areas. There is no evidence on coronavirus in monkeys; making a statement on primates’s safety would require complete scientific evidence which is probably too far right now.





Common Sea-weed Shows Miraculous Result Against Influenza-A Virus (H1N1)

A research team from Australia has found miraculous benefits of a common sea-weed that could potentially help against Influenza A cases. Using this sea-weed extract might help to reduce severe symptoms of the Influenza virus in patients.

This benefit is mainly due to “fucoidan”, a highly reactive biological compound naturally found in brown seaweed and is famous for its medicinal effects. Among many other effects, one of the best effects of fucoidan is that it reduces internal inflammation and prevents viral diseases.

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These effects were detected while testing the fucoidan in lab mice which were previously infected with the influenza A virus, also called H1N1. These results in mice show that fucoidan apparently causes a limitation to the consolidation process in the lungs. This lung consolidation is also a common side effect during severe viral infections. The recovery process from this lung damage is typically very long and exhausting. Also, an untreated condition might lead to permanent damage to lung tissues.

During this infection, the fluid fills inside the alveoli present in the lungs and causes a problem in conventional gaseous exchange. Trying to recover from such a severe type of lung infection takes months or even years.

This new study also reveals that the oral dosage of fucoidan is helpful to reduce the effects of  Influenza A. These effects mainly mean the ‘clinical’ effects alone. Click here to read the complete study findings. 

Fucoidan is a sub-type of polysaccharides that are naturally found in brown sea-weeds, bladderwrack, and seagrasses, and echinoderms. There is plenty of research to explain its anti-coagulant benefits, anti-tumor, anti-thrombotic and anti-oxidant effects. It has also proven to kill certain viruses but knowing its potential against Influenza A virus (H1N1) is new.

Fucoidan, once made a part of the human body through the oral route could initiate programmed cell death. It reduces the release of the three most important metalloproteinase enzymes named MMP1, MMP9, and MMp3.

Fucoidan which was used in this study was “Maritech(R) Undaria pinnatifida fucoidan” which is made by an Aussie biotechnology company called “Marinova Pty Ltd. Maritech(R) “. The sea-weed extracts from this company are then supplied to a number of leading pharmaceutical companies and nutritional product makers to use it in multiple health and wellness products.

The first author of this study and principal researcher of this experiment Dr. Helen Fitton from Marinova Pty Ltd says is excited about these results. She says that this study implies the anti-viral effect of fucoidan which is anyways a natural and risk-free product to heal severe lung damage.

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Marinova is a leading biotechnology company from Australia which is working to provide the premium quality and purest sea-weed mainly for the health sector. The research and development department of Marinova makes sure to manufacture products that are helpful in dietary, medicinal and even Dermalogical sectors.

Despite its potential to kill Influenza A virus (HIN1), there is still no certainty on its safety. Many experts believe that fucoidan could bring a number of side effects in its users which is why it is necessary to conduct a doctor before taking it. The clinical data on Fucoidan’s safety is limited however, there are no as such reports of it causing a sid effect.