CBD-Infused Cosmetic and Wellness Range Introduced By The Singer T-Boz

Tionne Watkins (stage name T-Boz) has launched a new cosmetic and wellness product range by the name TLCBD. The specialty of this new line is that it is infused with CBD and full-spectrum oil to improve the cosmetic effect. The singer turned entrepreneur has proudly announced her all female-oriented company which plans to help women by giving them that would enhance their beauty.

TLCBD was established in 2018 by Tionne Watkins with an aim to provide ethical CBD based cosmetic and wellness products for all customers. Tionne has shared her personal story with CBD products many times and how it changed her life. All of which led her to launch a new product line TLCBD to help more people.

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 Today, these products are made with premium ingredients all of which are plant-sourced. The company has its own research and development team which helps to create health-oriented cosmetic and wellness products without any side effects. The CBD used in these products is extracted from the sustainable farming of hemp. The manufacturing, packaging, and delivery of all of these things take place from the USA. The company follows good manufacturing practices that is cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Most of these products are tried and tested by Tionne Watkins’s family and friends before bulk manufacturing.

Tionne Watkins shares that she is excited about this new partnership which combines top women from the health and wellness industry and creates products that use the best effects of CBD. The new line, TLCBD is inspired by Watkins’s own experience with CBD-rich extract.

She experienced the healing effects after she tried them by herself. And only after experiencing the positive results of CBD products, she realized that this should be brought in front of everyone who needs it.

TLCBD line is launched on a vision to help women to maintain their health and beauty without going extra. She further adds that she wants more people to try these products to feel happy from inside.

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These new products would nourish, reintroduce, regenerate and nurture the skin. These products use full-spectrum CBD extract in it which has antioxidants, plant-based carotenoids, and many other plant extracts that work like magic on the skin. In combination, they help to renew the skin cells and give it a youthful appearance and glow.

This new health and wellness line includes the following CBD infused cosmetic products.

  • CBD infused hydrating creams
  • CBD infused hydrating serums
  • CBD infused face creams
  • CBD infused lip balms
  • CBD infused pain relief balms
  • CBD infused gummies
  • CBD infused oral tinctures

These products are not only good for skin but also have a miraculous pain healing effect. The company has even launched a pet-care line that makes special CBD tinctures for pets to keep them away from certain medical conditions such as arthritis, skin allergies, stress, pain, and anxiety. The price of these products ranges between $22 – $142 and all of them are available online. They are also available at many pop-up shops all across the country and yet to announce its local retailers.