CBD Products Can Relieve Pain But Not Treat the Illness

In the past few years, cannabidiol or what is more popularly known as CBD has become a household name in countries around the world and specifically in the US where more and more CBD-infused products are being manufactured and launched in the market in order to meet the rising demands.

At the moment, there are a variety of items that contain cannabidiol and are designed for particular health conditions and concerns ranging from CBD pillows to beauty and skincare products that claim to get rid of ailments based on present ‘medical evidence’.

In addition, many celebrities and influencers have also joined the bandwagon and been noted to endorse and use such products in their everyday life and routines. However, no matter how popular such items may get, the medical community is wary of most of the benefits that are associated with the use of cannabidiol.

The present medical research does show some benefits of using CBD but they are only limited to a few health conditions which are why treatments including cannabidiol are only approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in rarely occurring issues such as specific forms of epileptic seizures.

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Other than this, there is little evidence to show that CBD can also be beneficial in improving and treating difficulty in sleeping and a number of mental health issues such as anxiety. Despite the lack of research on cannabidiol, a vast majority of people are using it in their everyday lives for different issues.

Due to the high number of people using CBD products, scientists are now interested in using the experience of users to determine the effectiveness of such products. In fact, a new study focuses entirely on the impact of cannabidiol on health based on comments from popular discussion threads on the social media platform Reddit.

In the study, scientists from the University of California San Diego’s Qualcomm Institute’s Center for Data-Driven Health looked at different experiences and reviews shared by users online for different cannabidiol products from the year 2014 to 2019.

According to the findings, the majority uses the items for health conditions such as sleeping difficulty, psychiatric disorders, and orthopedic issues even though all of these issues are easily diagnosed and have treatment options using conventional medicines as well.

More specifically, the study, which is published in the American Medical Association’s journal, JAMA Network Open, shows that the overwhelming majority of ninety percent incorporates CBD in their life for conditions that can be managed using easily available treatment options prescribed by doctors.

While some doctors do believe that CBD can help in relieving pain and issues like nausea in cancer patients, there is no actual evidence to show that it can ‘cure’ a disease.

Therefore, people should not use or treat CBD products like other traditional medicines as a lot of further investigation is needed to know about its possible short and long term side effects on health. For those with medical conditions, it is especially important to not use CBD without consulting a doctor first as it can interact with other medicines or even worsen the illness.