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Common Disinfecting Mistakes that Can Increase Coronavirus Risk

During the past six months, there have been multiple significant changes in all countries around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. In order to prevent catching the infection to ultimately bring down the virus transmission levels and end the health crisis, people have become more cautious and conerned about hygeine. However, the majority are still making common disinfecting mistakes that can do more harm than good.

All of the major health agenciens, including the World Health Organization, have recommended people to disinfect homes as well as any new stuff such as groceries coming in it freqeuntly and most of the people have complied by cleaning all rooms in their houses thoroughly.

While it is beneficial to conduct a thorough cleaning of the house every other day, there are many ways to ensure that all spaces are disinfected in far easier ways. For instance, in order to avoid the coronavirus infection, mopping floors every day is not required.

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This does not mean that floors should not be clean but simply that disinfecting certain areas of the house is more important. In fact, some surfaces and rooms may require disinfecting multiple times a day rather than a week to minimize the risk of virus spread especially in shared homes and apartments.

Secondary transmission or transmission through common objects is one of the common ways the novel coronavirus has spread in different countries.

According present research, while the virus may not survive on surfaces for more than seventy-two hours, there is still a risk of contraction if a person comes into contact with the particular infected object within the time frame.

In this case, the spread is most common in objects or surfaces that are touches multiple times a day by different people such as door knobs, handles, stairway railing, locks, elevator button in apartments, and even kitchen items.

When living in shared homes or apartments, it is especially important to avoid disinfecting mistakes and clean such objects and surfaces rather than the floor or all rooms in the house as it can make a big difference.

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Secondly, while doing so, another common mistake people make is using spray disinfectants and cleaners, which are not recommended by most of the health agencies. Instead, try using a cloth which has been dipped in a disinfectant for cleaning purposes.

For objects or surfaces that are dirty, it is important to clean with soap and water before disinfecting as doing only the latter cannot effectively remove pathogens.

During the process of cleaning, keep on fans on and open the windows as well for effective ventilation as the coronavirus can also be airborne. Lastly, do not make the common disinfecting mistakes like reusing disposable cleaning items again and again.

Items including hand gloves, mops, cleaning clothes should not be used for more than two times as they can make areas dirty rather than clean. Always wash hands after cleaning and disinfecting home and avoid touching face during the process.