Las Vegas Cultivation Facility (CNW Group/1933 Industries Inc.)

Core One Labs’ Subsidiary, Flowering Room Announces its First Harvest

Core One Labs Inc. is a technology company that licenses its technology to a state-of-the-art production and packaging facility located in Southern California. The Company’s technology produces infused strips that are not only a safer, healthier option to other forms of delivery but also superior bioavailability of cannabis constituents. Some strips will also include supplemental co-active ingredients such as nutraceuticals, vitamins and peptides.

Core One Labs Inc. announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Core Isogenics Inc., has completed multiple transfers from the vegetation room to the Flowering room. Core Isogenics’ flowering room is now operational and anticipating its first harvest in December. This is a significant milestone in the Company’s journey to full seed for sale ability.  The Company has now moved approximately 6,400 plants that originated as seedlings, the ones moved to vegetation room during an immature plant stage, the ones in the final stage, and fully mature plants. After the process is complete, the flower will be sold by the Company’s distribution partner, Fenix Logistics, as well as processed for use in the Rêveur and CannaStripsTM brands.

The facility is able to track the growing conditions in both rooms, as well as the feeding schedule, in order to gather information, facilitate duplication of the process, and consistently produce high quality product in every harvest.  This consistency is vital in streamlining the weight and quality of the product and provides clients with predictable product, ensuring an ongoing revenue stream for the Company. The plants are being moved from the vegetation room where the focus is on maturing the plants to a specific size and shape and into the flowering room. In the flowering room, the Company will utilize a different lighting system and optimize the feeding schedule and nutrient mixture to promote high quality flower production.

President of Core One Labs Inc., Casey Fenwick, added, “Being able to produce our own indoor flower on a year-round basis opens the door to increased product lines. These lines include selling flower in bulk and through our brands in smaller increments with higher margins.  We have seen a demand for high quality legal product and this is evident in the market prices.” The Company will also produce a concentrate from their own material further diversifying the product line. Additionally, the Company is pleased to announce the engagement of the Khaos Media Group for its marketing and shareholder awareness program.

In addition, the Company has developed considerable expertise in cannabis extraction and nursery activities.  The operational expertise developed by the Company as a result of these efforts has created new market opportunities for the Company in white label sales. However, conditions and results may differ materially.