Coronavirus Pandemic in the US Shows No Signs of Improvement

With only twenty-two days left in the US Presidential Elections, there are political rallies and campaigns all over the country. However, the condition of the coronavirus pandemic in the US shows no signs of improvement with the total number of cases being almost eight million along with a very high death toll in many of the states.

Although the country had imposed a three months period long lockdown, which was eventually lifted at the start of June, nearly all of the states are struggling to control the growing number of cases to this day. For instance, New York was one of the first states to have multiple coronavirus outbreaks during the early days of the pandemic.

The number of new infections only went down after the establishment of quarantine centers and strict coronavirus restrictions in New York. Even after controlling the transmission rates to an extent, the governor of the state, Andrew Cuomo, emphasized the importance of continuing to follow preventive measures.

Regardless of the initial control over the virus, New York is once again experiencing multiple coronavirus outbreaks. The number of new cases of the infection is seventy-seven percent higher than that of September.

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According to Gov. Cuomo, the rise is a direct result of specific events in particular areas of the state. Overall, New York is not struggling with coronavirus like it was before.

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On the other hand, other US states are having more and more coronavirus cases with the daily average rising every single week. At the moment, Wisconsin, Idaho, and South Dakota have the highest transmission rates of the virus among all other states.

Currently, California has the highest number of confirmed cases in the country but experts have noted that the state of Texas is experiencing multiple outbreaks. Soon, it may also take California’s place and become the state with the most confirmed cases of coronavirus infection.

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In the past week, various states have also set groundbreaking records of daily increase including Ohio, Missouri, Oklahoma, North Dakota, West Virginia, and Montana. A report on the spread of the virus across the country estimates that the number of cases of coronavirus in the US will reach eight million by the coming Thursday.

At the same time, the death toll of the coronavirus infection in the country is also the highest among all others. On Monday, the US also reported a record high of 216,000 coronavirus deaths.

The worsening conditions of the coronavirus pandemic in the US are becoming a major problem for the president of the country, Donald Trump, who is also running for another presidential term in November.

Since the starting of the health crisis, President Trump has disregarded advice from the medical community and has repeatedly insisted that the virus is not likely to impact the US and is soon going to be under control.

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He is also widely criticized for his downplaying of the coronavirus and for prompting people to take medicines with no proven scientific evidence as a treatment for coronavirus. In the past week, the president himself has also been diagnosed with the coronavirus.