Coronavirus Pandemic Would Last for 6-Months, Claims an Expert

An infectious disease expert who predicted the coronavirus spread has claimed that pandemic will last for more than six months and says it is pointless to wear gloves and face masks amid the outbreak.

The Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), Michael Osterholm told the listeners of the Joe Rogan Experience that this outbreak would only become worse as there are 125,743 confirmed coronavirus cases and 4,160 deaths around the globe. Osterholm compared the COVID-19 to strains said that this outbreak has the potential to become 10 to 15 times worse than the seasonal flu.

In the United States, there had been nearly 1,135 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus and 38 deaths were reported by the evening.

The public health officials believe that the precautions and measures which are being advised by the governments worldwide are unlikely to prevent the further spread of this highly contagious virus.

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Osterholm said that the main cause of the spread of infection is not only because of using hands or touching the face. He said that the data related to this is very weak that coronavirus is going to be spread this way.

He said that the primary cause of coronavirus spread is ‘just breathing air’ and warned that surgical masks don’t block small airborne particles from passing or entering the nose or mouth. He did hail the benefits of using a more protective version of masks, N-95 respirator but noted their availability is low. He said that those over the age of 55 and had underlying health conditions must be extra careful.

During the interview, Osterholm shared that his fellows working in hospitals in Italy have told him that medical practitioners have been deciding who they are going to let die as the situation become more worsen.

In Italy, there had been 12,462 confirmed cases of coronavirus spread and 827 deaths have been reported. It was expected that Trump admin will announce travel bans between the United States and some other European countries which are worst hit by a novel coronavirus.

Osterholm believes that the fight against COVID-19 is going to be challenging but we will get through it. He said the longer the virus is around, the more people will be infected but on the other side, it means they will build up a resistance.

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Chinese studies have helped treat infected people with higher doses of vitamin C because of its anti-viral properties. An easy way to increase its intake is through intravenous injections.

Vitamin Injection London recommended vitamin C as a part of preventive measures. It is highly absorbed when taken via IV as compared to oral intake in that body only receives 15 percent of it.

A global study conducted on more than 11,000 people in 2017 found that vitamin D also helps the body in fighting against acute respiratory infections. The outcome revealed that daily small doses of Vitamin D were effective for the prevention of acute respiratory infections as compared to large weekly doses.

This global study analyzed 25 randomized controlled clinical trials. The findings of this global study are published in the journal, The BMJ.

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