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 Coronavirus Updates: Seven Million People Now Infected Globally

The coronavirus emerged in late 2019 to cause a worldwide pandemic.  The new coronavirus updates show that within a few months, seven million people around the world are infected. Two-thirds of this infected population are from the United States and Europe. The official number of confirmed cases reached 7,003,851 while the death toll reached a staggering number of 402,867.

The largest number of coronavirus cases is recorded in Europe with 2,275,305 infections and the number of deaths reached 183,542. The number of cases in the United States alone is 1,942,363 confirmed cases while the death toll reached 110,514.

The second-highest death toll in the world is in the UK with 40,625 mortalities due to the coronavirus. The recent coronavirus updates show Brazil is in line for becoming the new epicenter of the virus.

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Nearly one million coronavirus cases are reported in the previous ten days. The number of cases doubled during the past one month. This shows that the virus is still spreading exponentially, although the pandemic started months ago.

The data for coronavirus infections are obtained from the World Health Organization (WHO). However, it is feared that the number is much greater than that.

Most of the countries increased their coronavirus testing capacity during the past couple of months. Meanwhile, some countries are still only testing patients with severe illnesses and symptoms of the infection.

The fatalities due to the virus are now equal to the total number of deaths due to malaria annually, as depicted in the five-month coronavirus updates. It should be considered that malaria is one of the deadliest diseases in the world.

Most of the countries are desperate to return to normalcy. Thus, the ease in lockdown is widely observed. Even though the number of coronavirus cases is rapidly increasing in most parts of the world.

A health official from WHO warned the Western countries for another wave of the coronavirus later this year.

The WHO director for the Western region, Dr. Hans Kluge said that he is extremely concerned about another wave of coronavirus infection during fall. During the season, a wave of measles and the seasonal flu is also expected. He also warned that the European countries should start preparing for the second wave of the virus.

Professor Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer also warned that the second wave is possible deadlier than the first outbreak of the pandemic.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson eased the lockdown making the health officials worried about the situation. The coronavirus updates tell that the new infections are now reaching 8,000 cases per day in the UK. The departmental stores and other shops will reopen from June 15.

Professor John Edmunds attends the meetings of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies of the British Government. He said that the coronavirus pandemic is not over yet and it will continue for a long time.

Nearly all businesses in the world resumed in the past weeks. The pandemic took a severe toll on the world economy. Most of the countries were forced to reopen despite the exponential increase in the number of coronavirus cases. The ease in lockdown will potentially spike the number of cases within a few days.

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