coronavirus in the Czech Republic

Czech Locals Celebrating a “Farewell Party” for Coronavirus

Citizens of Prague (capital of Czech Republic) gathered in thousands on Prague’s Charles bridge to celebrate a self-proclaimed end of coronavirus in the Czech Republic. All the people shared food and drinks without any social distancing.

The residents of Czech’s capital held the party to say “symbolic farewell” to the coronavirus pandemic days after WHO warned that it is far from over. The purpose of arranging this party was to show residents of Czech that they should not be afraid to meet with other people.

The organizers arranged it moments before the Government lifted the obligations to wear a face mask in the Czech Republic.

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People shared food and drinks in a 500-meter table seating 2000 people. People who wanted to be a part of this had to reserve a place in advance.

Local musicians performed as people sang and danced with them completely ignoring social distancing rules. There are fears of a widespread of the infection if some of the attendees were carrying the virus.

So far coronavirus in the Czech Republic has claimed the lives of around 350 people with 12000 confirmed cases in a population of 10 million people. That makes 120 people infected for every 100,000, which is not a low number by any means.

WHO said this week that the pandemic is far from being over. With more than half a million people dead and 10 million infected with the virus. Moreover, around 5000 people are dying every 24 hours due to this pandemic. Which is equal to 196 people per hour.

Czech organized The party a month after the government of the Czech Republic eased the lockdown by allowing restaurants and bars to open. Moreover, a week ago the Government also allowed people to have a gathering of up to 1000 people.

The Government of the Czech Republic was quick in enforcing the lockdown and hence managed to lessen the impact of the virus.

Ondrej Kobza, the organizer of the party who is also the owner of a café in Prague thought that Czech residents should celebrate the end of the coronavirus crisis.

Ondrej wanted people to not be afraid of meeting others and accept food from each other. According to him, people should not be fearful as it will not only damage the economy but also depress people.

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The 41-year-old helps people in different ways. He placed pianos in different places in Prague and has also set up chess tables to enlighten peoples’ moods. The cafe owner also made a roof of a palace accessible to people.

He organized the party at Charles Bridge because the bridge is a good metaphor where people can get together. The Charles Bridge is an important cultural place for the residents of Prague, capital of Czech Republic.

Galina Khomchenko-Krejcikova, a Russian resident of Prague, said she founded about the event on Facebook. Moreover, she didn’t have time to prepare anything because of her employment so she brought snacks from her home.

Whether hosting this party for the so-called end of coronavirus in Prague was wise or not, only time will tell.