Development of the First AI System Against Coronavirus in China

The scientists at the University of Manchester and the University of Cambridge have developed the first-ever Artificial Intelligence (AI) system in the fight against Coronavirus in China.

High body temperature is considered as one of the earliest symptoms of Coronavirus infection. And this new AI system, known as Firetinas, facilitates in examining multiple individuals with high body temperature.

The schools and hospitals in China are using this AI system that incorporates infrared measurement of body temperature and the latest mask-face recognition algorithm. Though the coronavirus infection is spreading with each passing day, still there isn’t any effective treatment available against it.

The scientist has found Firetinas as an effective method to halt the massive progression of Coronavirus infection not only in China but throughout the world by identifying individuals with early-stage high body temperature.

This newly developed and high-performance AI system is an integrated circuit supplied with NPU analyzing almost 3 trillion times every single second tracking nearly 100 individuals in an area of thousand square feet.

The integration of Firetinas in the face recognition algorithm helps in the elimination of the factors that can affect the measurement of human face temperature. The exclusion of such factors like cigarette facilitates a more efficient measurement.

Additionally, the presence of such an algorithm in this Artificial Intelligence (AI) system can improve face recognition for masks with an accuracy of 99 percent. It indicates that individuals without masks particularly those living in the area influenced by this Coronavirus outbreak can be alerted.

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In indoor environments, Firetinas can also help in achieving a precision of almost 0.1 degrees Celsius with the development of the first dual black body dynamic calibration algorithm.

It is quite easy to operate and setup Firetinas. This AI system can function in an all-in-one system incorporating a camera, neural network system, microcomputer, temperature sensor, and two black bodies.

This advanced technology has the capability to examine nearly 100 people per 0.05 seconds. Also, it makes it simpler to track the contact crowd and isolate the individuals who are suspected to be infected with the virus. Firetinas has made it possible by uploading the passenger’s temperature information and face information to the server.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there is a very high risk of Coronavirus throughout the world. The latest reports provided by this organization on March 01, 2020, has shown that the total number of Coronavirus-infected individuals have surpassed 87,000, with the incidence of 1739 in the last 24 hours.

Whereas, the number of deaths has reached 2873 in China and 104 in other countries. Recently, the new cases of coronavirus affected individuals have been reported in the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Iraq, Canada, Brazil, Bahrain, Denmark, Korea, Japan, Norway, Sapin, and Switzerland.

The World Health Organization has publicized information regarding the confirmed Coronavirus cases in different areas of the world and categorized them on the basis of their route of transmission. With the rapid increase in Coronavirus transmission in countries such as the United States, Singapore, Japan, Korea, and the Middle East, Firetinas is looking for partners to halt the spread of this disease.