US coronavirus cases

Dr. Fauci Expects More Suffering in the US If the Situation is Not Controlled

The US coronavirus cases have reached nearly 4.3 million now with almost 150,000 deaths. There is a surge of cases in western and southern states, which pursued reopening their economies in May. Dr. Anthony Fauci says thousands of more people in the US could lose their lives in the coming months if the situation is not controlled.

Dr. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has become a trusted voice of the people during this pandemic. However, the President of United States Donald Trump on Monday retweeted some controversial tweets including a tweet that claimed that Dr. Fauci has misled the American people. When asked about this Dr. Fauci simply said that he neither tweets nor read them. He further said that he will continue to do his job no matter what happens because he thinks it’s very important.

While there are no guarantees that the vaccines being developed will be effective in controlling the pandemic, there is hope as one on the vaccines has entered its third and final trial phase. Health officials are urging for stricter measures to be implemented by the state after recent surges in the US coronavirus cases following the reopening in many states in May. Across the country, more than 1000 people have died in a day five times last week and doctors report maxed out ICUs in several states. However, the President still believes that some states should be reopened quickly by their governors.

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Deborah Birx, the White House’s coronavirus response coordinator said that there is a concerning increase in new cases and positivity rates in many states including Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio, and Tennessee. Health experts recommend all of the people wear face coverings, especially in indoor public places. Birx added that the government has limited the social and indoor gatherings to not more than 10 people.

Birx added that there seems to be a pattern in many states that starts with younger people who get infected but are asymptomatic, who then transmit the virus to their older relatives who then transfer to other older residents. For instance, in Mississippi, around 80% of coronavirus infected people told that they attended a public gathering, a birthday party, or a funeral where people didn’t adhere to social distancing. In New Jersey, multiple outbreaks have occurred due to the gatherings of young people.

Dr. Fauci said that the number of deaths has increased to 1000 per day and if the government doesn’t control it there would be further suffering and further death. He said that this surge in the US coronavirus cases is the reason that he has said many times that in the absence of vaccines there are some things that the government can do to turn this situation around.

Nationwide, at least 27 states have stopped or rolled back their reopening plans and also imposed some new restrictions. Not less than 40 states across the country have imposed some kind of requirement to wear face masks. In some states, these restrictions are seemingly working in reducing the cases. In states including Texas, Arizona, and Florida, which reopened without much restrictions in place and as a result saw a rapid rise in cases since June, cases have begun to decrease slightly.

To stop these infections the people, have to take some responsibility as the government cannot be blamed for these outbreaks alone. People need to wear face masks, wash hands for 20 seconds, and properly sanitize whenever they go outside.