new cases of the coronavirus
Image-Bluerasberry via wikimedia

Dr. Fauci Believes the US has Faced the Worst Outbreak as New Cases of the Coronavirus Exceed 60,000 per day

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, believes that the United States has faced the worst outbreak of covid19 in the world and said that the numbers don’t lie as the country averages around 1000 deaths and 60000 new cases of the coronavirus per day. However, he still is hopeful that the US can get case levels down by Election Day in November if it follows fundamentals tenets of infection control and uses masks, but the time is now to get serious.

Fauci’s roadmap to reducing the outbreak is still the same which he’s been preaching for months including washing hands, social distancing, and wearing masks. He said that the US coronavirus cases can be way down in November if it does things correctly and starts now. He believes that his roadmap works and points towards Arizona as an example that faced a significant outbreak but when they started doing things right, the cases clamped down. Arizona went from around 4000 new cases of the coronavirus per day in early July to less than 2000 cases a day now.

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Dr. Fauci believes, based on the data that can be seen in other countries, including in the US, in states, cities, and counties that have done it rightly, and if the country pays attention to the fundamental tenets of infection control and diminution of transmission, the situation will be much better come November.

Data from Wednesday shows that the United States represents more than 25% of infections worldwide and 22% of global coronavirus deaths. Nearly 5 million people in the US have been confirmed positive for the virus and more than 162,000 have died from it. According to an analysis of the data, the number of new cases of the coronavirus has declined for the second week in a row, however, the deaths related to coronavirus in the country have risen for four straight weeks.

Recently in an interview, the President of the US Donald Trump declared that the coronavirus in the country is under control. When asked about the fact that on average 1000 people are dying per day, Trump said that they are dying, that’s true and it is what it is. He further said that the government is trying their best and that the virus is under control as much as it can be as it is a horrible plague.

Dr. Fauci replied to this statement of Trump by saying it’s a big country, in which some parts are looking good and some are ‘on fire’, and that there would not be 70,000 cases in a day if everything is under control and nothing is going on.

Although, deaths are still rising in the US the levels are much lower than seen in April when nearly 2000 people on average were doing from the virus in a day. The number of deaths is increasing across the Midwest and in the sunbelt states, as the infections surged in those parts throughout June and July.

Fauci believes that the US doesn’t need to be locked down again as it did in April to limit the number of cases. He said the country can do much better without locking down, but they have to wear masks, shut down bars, favor outdoor activities than indoor ones, keep physically distanced, and wash hands to help stop the spread of the virus.