Northern Area Multi-Service Center worker prepares a dose of Sanofi Pasteur's new Fluzone High-Dose the Flu + You clinic sponsored by the National Council on Aging and Sanofi Pasteur at the Jewish Community Center Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2013, in Pittsburgh. (AP Images for Sanofi Pasteur Photo/Don Wright)

Eureka Clinic is Offering Vaccine Against Seasonal Infection to Health Officials

With the onset of an extremely cold winter, there is a heightened prevalence of contagious diseases. As the immune system gets compromised and becomes more susceptible to infections, more care is needed to prevent the spread of diseases. Influenza is a highlighted example of the contagious diseases this season.

The influenza virus has gained attention in Humboldt County as well, where the officials concerning the public health department are requesting the citizens of the state to get immunity against the disease before it gets late.

The vaccination for the flu is a strain relating to the flu that would prevent people from becoming sick because of the disease. In addition to that, the vaccine is meant to boost immunity against the disease-causing virus. The county is also offering the vaccination to its people at the department of health as well as on the I Street in Eureka where Human Services Clinic is located.

The virus has resulted in some increase in the number of patients getting admissions in the hospital for some time in the region. However, the official representatives of the Department of Health and Human Services suggest that the number lies in the normal range and has not got the status of an endemic.

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According to experts, vaccination is the best preventive way against the spread of the flu. With more people vaccinated against the disease, the safer it will be for the whole community. Moreover, it will not be much late for getting the shot against the flu.

In addition to that, the local pharmacies in the region are also there to offer the shot. The Eureka area having Cloney’s Pharmacy has fallen short of the more potent and effective vaccines. These vaccines come with the intention of the adults that are above 65 years old. On the other side, it appreciates the people for getting dosage at regular intervals as recommended in the time.

Moreover, the pharmacists of the organizations are still providing the shots against the influenza virus to the community. They are ready to go for other communities where the same shots are needed.

For the people that have not gotten any insurance, the flu shots over there at the county cost 35 USD. While in the case of insurance plans, the pharmacy will be covering the costs with no additional pay.

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Influenza viruses have the ability to modify themselves. This phenomenon enables the virus for eluding earlier provisions of the vaccine against the influenza virus for the people to protect them from the disease.

The flu virus coming this year has come up with a lot of new variations. However, it is not yet clear at this point about the efficiency with which the vaccine will be used to prevent the spread of the disease. This will be subjected to extensive research that would check the authenticity and at the same time, the efficacy and potency of the vaccine against the disease. Till then, scientists are hopeful that this vaccine is strong enough to fight against the varied strains of the virus.