False Coronavirus Claims- FDA Takes Action Against a Hand Sanitizer Company

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak has started, many companies are manufacturing hand sanitizers, masks, and PPE of medical-grade to overcome their shortage. Recently, a hand sanitizer company, Durisan claimed its product is 100% effective against coronavirus. However, it was reported that it is not according to the standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Hand sanitizers with an alcohol content of 60 percent or more are recommended by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to be used for protection against the coronavirus while the Durisan hand sanitizer is alcohol-free.

The FDA has taken action against the company for their false claims. The authority has ordered Durisan to halt the selling of their hand sanitizer which the FDA has mentioned in its warning letter to be non-approved, non-certified, and ineffective against COVID-19.

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In his news conference held in March, Governor Ron DeSantis promoted the use of this specific hand sanitizer while saying that he keeps the sanitizer with him.

During his conference, he also said that the hand sanitizer is a good product while he does not know about Durisan, the hand sanitizer company. This product was available on Amazon because people don’t know about it.

After the warning issued to Durisan by the FDA, the spokesperson of the governor said that Governor DeSantis follows the preventive measures suggested by the CDC and uses FDA approved alcohol-based hand sanitizers. The DeSantis administration follows the CDC and FDA guidelines for prevention against the coronavirus. However, hand washing for 20 seconds with a hand wash and water is the best method of prevention.

Durisan has also claimed that its hand sanitizer is effective for up to 24 hours against disease-causing germs by killing 99.9% pathogens. The FDA has mentioned this claim to be misleading for the public and harmful for human health in the warning letter issued to the company.

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On May 7, 2020, Durisan was given 48 hours by the FDA to take immediate action.

After reviewing the warning letter, Durisan issued a statement saying that the company has removed the segment regarding the hand sanitizer from their website as well as the social media as ordered by the FDA. The company is responsible for conveying the facts to the public and always support their customers.

The company also stated that all their previous product labels have been approved by the FDA and according to the labeling guidelines. Their products are external labs tested and manufactured per the EPA testing and observe all the FDA rules and regulations for the production of their products.

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The company spokesperson also said that there is no hand sanitizer or any other sanitation product available which is known to effectively kill the coronavirus.

The FDA is actively sending warning letters to companies selling products under the false claims of preventing and even curing COVID-19. The high demand for the sanitation products in the market and disappearing of hand sanitizers from the shelves has led many hand sanitizers companies to avail of this opportunity and manufacture ineffective products with deceitful labels that will draw the attention of the consumers.