FDA Releases New Report on Jansen Vaccine for Coronavirus

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Recently, a new analysis conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has shown that the new vaccine from Johnson and Johnson or the Jansen coronavirus vaccine is highly effective in preventing moderate to severe cases of infection as well as bringing down the hospitalization rate.

More specifically, the scientists found the efficacy of the vaccine to be sixty-six percent with a single dose in a period of only fourteen days. Overall, the vaccine was eighty-five percent effective in the prevention of the infection after twenty-eight days.

In addition, the Jansen vaccination was also found to protect against the virus in all age groups. No significant negative outcomes of the vaccine were noted in any people receiving it.

Although another public meeting is scheduled for further examination of clinical trials on the vaccine, the positive feedback from initial reports shows the high possibility of approval for third vaccination for coronavirus.

Since it is safe and can help in the prevention of the virus, there is no reason for the vaccine to not receive Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA. Secondly, one of the biggest advantages in the approval and distribution of the Jansen vaccine is the single dosage requirment.

Currently, there are two vaccines being administered to people for coronavirus control. Both Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are just as safe and effective at lowering the risk of developing coronavirus infection but they require two doses for maximum protection.

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Due to this requirement, vaccine rollouts can be complicated as keeping a record of people is more difficult. Moreover, two doses also require more time, transport, and storage facilities across the country. On the contrary, distributing the Jansen vaccine may be much easier.

Another advantage of the Johnson and Johnson coronavirus vaccine is that it was found to have high efficacy across all regions. In the past few weeks, new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 have emerged in different countries including the Brazil strain and the South African strain.

Though the existent vaccines such as the AstraZeneca vaccinations provide protection against the virus, the efficacy level dropped to an extent with new variants. In the case of the Jansen vaccine, the effectiveness was consistent and over eighty percent in the US, Brazil, and South Africa.

Therefore, it is highly likely that the Jansen vaccine will receive approval from the FDA in the upcoming weeks but this does not mean that the vaccinations will be available right away. The current data from the Biden administration shows that only two million doses of the vaccine will be shipped after a week of approval.

The vaccination doses are also expected to rise up to twenty million by the end of next month. Till then, the vaccination speed in the US may stay the same with Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations.

Although the Jansen vaccine has shown promising results in its clinical trials and the new analysis from the FDA, it does not mean that it should be preferred over the vaccinations that are being administered at the moment. All present vaccines are highly effective and can protect from infection.

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