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Fear of Coronavirus Makes a Man Take his Own Life

The coronavirus infection has caused a big number of deaths around the world. Due to the fear of coronavirus, many people have even taken steps that have put their lives in greater danger than before. Health experts have blamed this on the fake information circulating about the virus, its transmission, the availability of bogus products which claim to cure the infection, and government officials who have misled people by giving unverified statements.

More recently, a man in the city of  Changzhou located in the Eastern province of Jiangsu in China attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the overpass bridge. According to the reports, the twenty-seven-year-old Mr. Li had been having signs similar to the coronavirus infection including persistent coughing, flu, and fear.

Consequently, he had assumed that he has contracted the coronavirus. In order to avoid its transmission, Mr. Li took his own life. The dashcam footage of the overpass bridge shows Mr. Li suddenly coming out of the taxi he had reportedly taken earlier in the day and jumping off the bridge.

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As soon as Mr. Li jumped off the bridge, the taxi driver informed the local authorities and called an ambulance. The Intensive Care Unit doctor at the Wujin People’s Hospital, Dr. Xu handled the case of Mr. Li and said that he was in a very critical condition when he arrived at the hospital.

More specifically, Dr. Xu said “He suffered severe bone fractures and lost a lot of blood. We immediately conducted the rescue. Currently, [his] condition is relatively stable.”

After receiving treatment at the ICU for a period of three days, Mr. Li is now in a much better condition comparatively. After doctors were able to stabilize his condition, he was also tested for the coronavirus infection. However, the test results were negative.

According to Mr. Li, he thought he had the coronavirus after getting symptoms of a common cold such as sore throat, coughing, and fever. The suicide attempt was only done to avoid further spread of the virus. After finding out that he did not have the infection, Mr. Li said that he regretted his decision of jumping off the bridge.

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Even though his condition is stable, Mr. Li may need to stay in the hospital for a longer time span. In accordance with state media, doctors may need to perform a surgical procedure that can speed up the healing process and help him recover from severe injuries.

The incident is one of the primary examples that may explain the rise in mental health disorders around the world. Statistically, mental issues including anxiety and depression have increased significantly. The main reason for this is the fear of coronavirus, psychological distress, social isolation, and economic uncertainty.

Prior to Mr. Li’s suicide attempt, there have also been other incidents where people took extreme measures to prevent or treat the virus. The medical community has strictly advised people to not take any steps without consulting a health care worker.

In case the symptoms of coronavirus do occur, consult a doctor as soon as possible. Because the signs are very similar to common illness, it is normal to confuse both. However, testing is still mandatory.

Lastly, it should be kept in mind that even though the pandemic is ongoing, the coronavirus infection is treatable. Getting medical attention on time will avoid its spread and help in faster recovery.

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