First Case of Chinese Flu-like Virus in Taiwan And Philippines

Chinese flu-like virus that has affected more than 400 individuals in China, is now being reported in Taiwan and the Philippines. The authorities in Taiwan recommended its residents to avoid traveling the Chinese city – Wuhan after a person was discovered to be infected with this deadly virus.

The first case of this new form of Coronavirus was found in Wuhan – the origin of this outbreak. And the number of infected individuals is increasing on a regular basis. This Tuesday, the first possible case of this Chinese flu-like virus was also discovered in the Philippines.

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First Taiwan’s Resident Infected With SARS-like Virus

Investigation of the case reported in Taiwan has revealed that this virus has infected a woman aged over 50. She has recently returned to Taiwan after staying in Wuhan and has reported symptoms such as a sore throat, coughing, and fever.

Up till now, along with a continuous addition to the number of infected cases, the deaths caused by this virus have also increased to six. This situation has coerced Asian countries to take serious steps for averting the spread of this Chinese flu-like virus.

According to the Centers for Disease Control’s statement, the Taiwanese woman had instantly informed quarantine officials about her symptoms once she arrived at the Taoyuan airport. And an immediate step of sending her to the facility for treatment was taken by the authorities.

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On investigation by the health officials, she reported that during the time she stayed in Wuhan, she hadn’t any direct contact with wild animals or birds or had gone to any of the local seafood markets.

For further assessment of the risk, the health authorities are also going to examine the crew and passengers of the flight in which the infected woman has traveled back to Taiwan. The CDC has stated the highest level of alert in Wuhan and has suggested that people should avoid traveling to Wuhan until extremely essential.

Additionally, in another statement, the public was requested by the CDC to remain calm and avoid getting panicked. The organization has assured that the infected individual was immediately taken to the hospital without any exposure to the community.

CDC has also informed the Chinese authorities and the WHO about this newly reported case. Besides Taiwan, this flu-like virus has also infected South Korea, Japan, and Thailand.

The Philippines Investigates the First Potential Case of This Flu-like Virus

Philippine health authorities have hospitalized a 5-year old child after he was discovered to have flu symptoms like cough, irritation in the throat, and fever. The child has traveled from Wuhan to the Philippines on January 12, 2020, and has been admitted since then.

Even though the child was confirmed to have a virus, the authorities weren’t sure that if it’s the same type of Coronavirus that has resulted in an outbreak in Wuhan. The child is still under observation. And the authorities have sent the Child’s samples to Australia for further confirmation regarding the virus and are waiting for the results.

The authorities have also examined three other individuals traveling from China, but they weren’t found to have any symptoms related to the Wuhan virus provided by the WHO.