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First Wave of Coronavirus is not Over Yet, WHO Warns

The whole world is fighting with the new COVID-19 cases every day, while the World Health Organization (WHO) warns people that we are still in the middle of this outbreak. The executive director of the World Health Organization, Dr. Mike Ryan says that currently the world is not on the verge of a second wave of coronavirus because the first wave of coronavirus is not over yet.

Taking an example of India, one of the most populated countries of the world, the population is nearly 1.3 billion where more than six thousand new cases were reported on Tuesday, raising its aggregate to more than 0.1 million including more than four thousand deaths.

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The infection has taken hold in the poorest areas of the country for which no vaccine is available. The vast majority of India’s cases are gathered in the western states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Mumbai. The virus has moved in the east as the migrant workers returned to their homes or villages from the largest cities due to lockdown.

The president of Brazil, Jair Bosonaro has criticized the local leaders and the state authorizing the stay-at-home measures that WHO has advised. This stay home order was to ensure that the virus is controlled before killing more people.

In Brazil there are more than 300000 coronavirus cases reported and nearly 23 thousand deaths. While in the US, the coronavirus cases have reached 1.6 million. Sao Paulo Gov. João Doria has restrained the complete lockdown in Brazil and plans to relax limitations on June 1.

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Russia has reported a record one-day spike in coronavirus deaths, bringing the national death toll to more than 3,800. Right now, Russia is at number three among the international counties with most coronavirus cases and deaths.

The foreign minister of Spain has also commented on this situation saying that the European Union should agree to open the international borders and figure out which non-EU nations are safe to travel. Arancha González Laya says that they need to start working with European partners to retake the opportunity of development in European regions.

South Korea has requested its citizens to wear face masks while traveling. The whole country is currently battling with a number of infections, all connected with coronavirus. However,  The World Health Organization has warned that the pandemic is not over yet. Despite spending so much time in planning control policies and losing lives, the world is still in the middle of the first wave of coronavirus with no way to predict its end.

The Health Ministry of South Korea is planning to re-open the high-risk businesses, for example, bars, clubs, exercise centers, and karaoke rooms to require QR codes to register clients so they can be identified in case of a viral cluster reported.

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Around the world, the virus has infected 5.5 million individuals, killing nearly 350,000, as per Johns Hopkins University report. Europe has confirmed more than 170,000 deaths and the U.S. has seen almost 100,000. Still, the experts believe that this calculation might not be the actual representation of the viral toll.


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