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Florida Continues to Party Even After Record breaking Increase in Coronavirus Cases

In the past week, the US has set a new record of an increase in coronavirus cases every single day. As the pandemic has continued to grow worse, the country is now considering changing plans of reopening in the majority of the states. Currently, the situation of coronavirus in Florida is the worst among all states. However, most of the Floridians seem to be partying more than residents of any other state.

At the beginning of the first lockdown, nearly all the night clubs in the state of Florida were shut down. Even when the businesses in the state reopened, night clubs were not allowed to reopen as they would attract crowds of people and contribute significantly to coronavirus transmission. Has this stopped Floridians from partying?

In accordance with the latest updates on coronavirus in Florida, the residents of the state have continued to attend and host parties in their private properties in different cities and neighborhoods. The frequency of the parties is so high that many residents have made several complaints about loud noises and music from parties at night.

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One of the most prominent neighborhoods known for parties during the coronavirus pandemic is the waterfront manse, located in Belle Meade Island. The neighbors have witnessed a big number of people getting off cars for raves and parties at night, most of whom were not wearing masks or following other preventive measures for minimizing coronavirus transmission.

The local authorities in the region have reported that the parties and raves have been a big contributor to Florida’s increasing rates of coronavirus cases. However, the exact number of parties that have been a contributor to the new cases of coronavirus is unknown. According to most people living around popular party spots, these parties are the primary reason why the situation of coronavirus in Florida is currently the worst among all other states.

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Many cities in Florida, specifically Miami are famous for parties and nightlife. Therefore, it was no surprise to see flocks of people returning to raves as soon as the lockdown restrictions ended. The Miami-Dade Police Department has shut down a big number of parties in the city in the past week, one of them being on last Wednesday at midnight.

In consonance with people who witnessed the party, the Miami police took out more than hundreds of people that night. Such parties and social gatherings have continued in the state even though there has been a significant increase, especially since the past week.

Now, shutting such gatherings down is a bigger challenge and much needed than before in order to reduce coronavirus transmission. In addition to increasing the number of new cases, the parties have also made it difficult for tracing teams to keep a check on new cases of coronavirus in Florida.

It is often difficult to trace back a case to a single party especially when the person who tests positive is a ‘party hogger’ or some who attends multiple parties every other day or even in a single way. Many county mayors are now planning to shut down banquet facilities, gyms, pools, and other public spaces.

The problem of the party is, however, not only confined to Miami or other cities in Florida. Other states are also reporting an increasing amount of people not following coronavirus preventive measures and joining large social gatherings.