The coronavirus as it appears under a microscope. [CDC Image Library]

Fourth Death by Coronavirus in Sonoma County Reported

With numerous deaths reported due to coronavirus every day, Sonoma County in the State of California is not behind. There have been fourth deaths reported until now due to coronavirus in Sonoma County. On Monday, the health officials of the county said that the virus is a threat to the county like all over the world.

All the four causalities in the county were of people aged around 65 and the health officer of the county, Dr. Sundari Mase has refused to provide more information about the deceased other than that.

The lockdown in the county has been eased and local businesses including retail stores with low risk of spread of infection have been reopened. The last fatality due to the virus occurred within a week of the previous COVID-19 related death which signifies that the outbreak is under control but it has not ended yet in the county.

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Dr. Mase said that the capacity of testing on an everyday basis is being increased due to which more coronavirus cases will be detected and throughout the summer, there will be an ease in restrictions on local business and public activities.

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While a second wave of the disease is expected all over the US with effecting several cities, it is too soon to predict of Sonoma County will also be affected. However, Dr. Mase is sure that as the interaction among people with the ease of lockdown will increase, more cases of coronavirus in Sonoma County will come forward.

Currently, not more than 15 coronavirus cases are being reported in a single day and the number has been consistent mainly due to the increased testing capacity and since the coronavirus spreads rapidly among the population.

Mase said that predicting the coronavirus cases and death toll in the county is almost difficult when asked about the expected fatality rate in the county during a press conference on Monday.

According to the data obtained from the California Department of Public Health, five patients with COVID-19 were admitted to the hospital on Sunday while two of the patients are in the intensive care unit of the hospital.

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There has been no demographic information released regarding any of the four deaths due to coronavirus in Sonoma County. Meanwhile, on Monday, Napa County has also reported its third fatality of an elderly patient related to the coronavirus.

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The first coronavirus case in Sonoma County was reported on March 2 and until now 312 cases have been reported out of which 168 patients have recovered.

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The health officials of the county have been reportedly trying to increase the testing capacity to 800 tests every day all over the county. So far, more than 10,000 people have been tested out of the population of 500,000.

Until now, the testing against the coronavirus has been limited to people with a high risk of getting the infection such as medical professionals or people close to the infected individuals. However, the testing horizon will be expanded with an increase in the number of tests.

The number of coronavirus cases in Sonoma County has been almost steady if not decreased and the number is expected to increase as asymptomatic people will also be tested in the future as stated by the health officials of the county.