Make Hand Sanitisers with Leftover Wine

French Winemakers Plan to Make Hand Sanitisers with Leftover Wine

Many of the French winemakers have shared about their new plan to make hand sanitizers with leftover wine. Considering coronavirus pandemic and closing of international borders, the sale of wine and exports especially from France to the US is affected. The result is that winemakers have a surplus of wine in their stock which is unsold.

The farming agency named FranceAgriMer has announced in its digital press conference that 33 licensed French distillers would pick this wine and distill it to make alcohol. This alcohol made from the wine would be supplied to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical units; mainly to make hand sanitizers from leftover wine. Not in any way this distilled wine would be used for spirit production.  The ethanol created from the wine would be stocked safely.

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June 19th is the deadline to share the amount of wine which he needs to distill. If this wine is certified as to a particular region, the distillery would get 78 euros as compensation for this wine submission. If it is not from a particular region, the compensation reduces to 58 euros.

This process to make hand sanitizers from leftover wine would receive its funding from European public funds. For a start, nearly two million hectolitres of the classic French wine would be distilled. However, there are still more than three million hectolitres wine left in stock which could be distilled later, if necessary.

Other major wine producers i.e. Spain and Italy are also considering the similar steps to utilize this unsold wine to make hand sanitizers. They are also trying to regulate the production of wine and the maintenance of grapevines in the wineries.

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French wine is world-famous for its unique taste and aroma. However, this coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected the wine industry, making it hard for the already in stock wine to be sold. The production of wine is really slow as international trade is slow as well. The French winemakers were already in a loss when the US imposed punitive tariffs on it last year.

Previously, the British distillers have also used excessive wine to make hand sanitizers as well. While various DIY videos on making sanitize from wine such as rose, Chardonnay, and even some of the cheap reds. Some of these bizarre cases even used spirits and mouthwash bottles to make sanitizers as well. These products also contain alcohol which is why they somehow work well as a replacement of wine.

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This whole process of making hand sanitizers at home started when these sanitizers along with other disinfectant products got short at the start of this coronavirus pandemic. People bought everything in bulk, doing a panic shopping. That’s why there were absolutely no cleaning or anti-bacterial cleaners available in the markets for long.

At this time, various winemakers and companies came forward and switched their production to hand sanitizers. Many of these companies distributed them for free making hand sanitizers with leftover wine.