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German Mayor Intentionally Gets Coronavirus, While Government Imposed 500 Euros Fine to Social Distance Violators

The Mayor of district Mitte district announced that he has exposed himself to coronavirus intentionally from his infected partner so that his body can acquire immunity against it. Stephan von Dassel, the 53 years old Mayor said that coronavirus infection is a lot worst than what he expected. He said that he is sick for more time than he thought he would be. He also confirmed catching coronavirus intentionally with a goal to develop natural immunity against the virus.

Considering he would only be sick for a couple of days, and then his body would start developing immunity, but it went the other side, making him extremely sick.

He shared this act of acquiring coronavirus on purpose was actually a part of his contribution to flat the corona cases curve in Germany. In his Tweet, Von Dassel has defended his actions and by calling them a ‘responsible” step.

This self-induced immunization is against the guideline and recommendations shared by renounced sources such as the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  WHO and CDC have advised people to maintain a social distancing policy and prevent them from going outside except when it is extremely necessary.

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All attempts of self-immunize are not helpful and it would make the spread of coronavirus even worse. The Mayor said;

“After my life partner had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, I also had to go into a fortnightly quarantine because of the contact with her. Since we neither have a second home and neither should have moved to a hotel or to friends as an infected person or I as possibly already infected, there was no alternative to the quarantine.”

In the last two days, Germany has warned all its citizens to maintain at least five feet distance or else they would be punished with 500 euros (£440) fine. This applies to everyone who is outside for buying food, essentials, exercise or has a medical appointment. This rule is issued to control coronavirus in Germany.

The German chancellor Angela Merkel has advised people not to go outside unless they have a valid reason for going outside. The German government has banned all gatherings of more than two people and imposed fines for all transgressors.

The officials in Berlin have confirmed this amount to be approximately 500 euros. 16 other states of Germany have also announced similar penalties for people not maintaining a social distance all the time. Those who are gathered in more than two people would be subjected to penalties that reach up to 200 euros.

Currently, there are approximately 84,794 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Germany. It has taken at least 28 deaths and its spread continues to infect others.  The information shared by Johns Hopkins University, USA says that 100 people have recovered from coronavirus symptoms.

As the viral spread is still on the rise, many German citizens are worried about finances. A survey reported that increased price of all essentials especially hygiene-related products have affected their budget.

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The Berlin Senate has accused President Trump of “modern-day piracy” as the 200,000 coronavirus protective masks by 3M that the Police Department of Berlin ordered were apparently “confiscated in Bangkok”.

These 3M masks were made by an American brand in China and were paid in advance by the Police Department. Right now, there are more corona positive cases in Germany than in China.

The German Health Department hopes that malaria medicine could help patients of coronavirus in Germany. The German Hospital Federation has announced that they have increased their capacity of ICUs from 12,000 to 40,000 beds. Nearly 30,000 of them have respirators attached as well.