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Image: Flickr/ the NIAID Integrated Research Facility (IRF)

Global Coronavirus Cases Cross 25 Million As the Pandemic Worsens

The coronavirus pandemic, which has now been going on for more than half a year, has impacted nearly all major countries in the world. With the global coronavirus cases crossing twenty-five million, the crisis is expected to worsen further with the start of colder weather and increased likelihood of infection spread amongst people.

According to the latest Reuters tally, the total number of cases has not only been increasing as fastly as it was before but also several changes in the global trends. For instance, Brazil and the US were previously considered the epicenters of the pandemic, with the latter reporting more than fifty thousand new infections per day.

Now, India’s number of infections is rising quicker than any other country’s. In the past few days, India has also set groundbreaking records with nearly eighty thousand new cases of the coronavirus infection reported in a single day in the country.

Along with the global coronavirus cases amongst people, the number of deaths is also rising, especially in the US, Brazil, and India with the global toll reaching  840,000.

The World Health Organization reports that the number of cases of the infection is five times higher than the number of cases of influenza diagnosed yearly in the world, which is why the crisis can possibly worsen in colder months as it will be the time for flu season.

At the moment, the healthcare systems of most of the countries have been strained due to lack of facilities, space, and staff as well as an overwhelming number of incoming patients of the coronavirus infection.

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Regardless of building new facilities specifically for accomodating coronavirus patients, many countries are still finding it increasingly difficult to contain the infection and manage other health conditions at the same time. Influenza cases combined with coronavirus infection can further increase the load on hospitals and the healthcare system.

In addition to influenza, several other diseases can also add to the problem. A report showed that people are holding back from vaccinations for their children due to fear of contracting the coronavirus at the hospital or the doctor’s clinic, which paves the way for widespread health problems amongst the children especially now that the schools are reopening.

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Similarly, many people will also stay back and avoid getting the seasonal flu shot so that they can simply avoid going to a hospital and not put themselves at risk of catching coronavirus. Such behavior is surprisingly common but instead of helping in lowering the virus transmission, it can be harmful.

According to health care experts, following proper guidelines can cut down the risk of contracting the virus significantly. Avoiding public spaces is also recommended but this does not mean that hospital visits and medical procedures should also be delayed.

Do not skip any scheduled meetings for regular check-ups or vaccinations as it may worsen a health condition or increase the chances of catching another disease. Delaying hospital visits can also add to the problem of strained healthcare systems as people are likely to return due to the worsening of their health condition.