HIV- Positive Pedophile
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HIV- Positive Pedophile Man Raped a Minor Girl

Anthony Alvin Hodges is a 35 years old man who is reportedly an HIV- positive pedophile who raped a 12 years old girl. The police arrested him after the parents reported their little girl as missing and it turned out that an ‘older’ man was trying to be close to her.

Anthony approached this minor girl using the location service offered by the Snapchat app. It led him to track down her address and tried to make her go with her. Police suspect that there might be many more victims like this.

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The rapist recalls his first rape when he did at the age of 19. Back in 2016, he was convicted of reportedly infecting one of his sexual partners with the deadly HIV but was set free on parole.

The little girl’s parents reported to the police about their missing daughter on 19th August. They also told the police that they fear she was talking to some older man on Snapchat. Police detectives shared with the media that it looks like the rapist found this girl using the location feature of the Snapchat.

The police believe there might be more victims of this HIV positive pedophile which are either unreported or silenced. This guy has many other allegations on him as well and it appears impossible to believe that this is his only rape.

With the help of the police, the girl was recovered and found within six hours of missing. Anthony tried to make this minor girl believe that she is his ‘girlfriend’ which is exactly what the girl said after she was recovered. She also told that she is having sexual relations with her ‘boyfriend’.

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If found guilty, Anthony will face a lifetime imprisonment. Anthony is charged with multiple counts of first and second degrees of criminals’ sexual conduct and involving in sexual intercourse with a person trying to infect them. All of this can make him a habitual offender.

The police also believe that girl lied about this man’s age. The girl says that Anthony told her that he was 19 whereas it looked like he is in his 40’s she adds. She also told the police that their ‘relation’ was only a few weeks old after which he tried to make her go with her. About the sexual health of Anthony, the girl says she was never told or informed.

Anthony is currently detained at the

The policOakland County Jail without the chance of bond.