depression during holiday season
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How to Combat Depression During Holiday Season

In the upcoming few months, the majority of the people are going to be busy attending dinners and gatherings with their friends and families as well as planning similar events themselves. While it is the ‘happiest time of the year’ for most, some people may also experience depression during the holiday season.

Statistically, mental health disorders during colder months are higher than in the summer. According to experts, there are a variety of factors that contribute to depressive episodes in winter. For instance, the SAD or seasonal affective disorder is common in both younger and older adults.

Therefore, people who have SAD are likely to experience an episode during seasonal change. In addition, the start of festivities may also remind people of their lack of plans for the holidays. Contrary to the popular belief, not every person has a loaded schedule.

In fact, some may experience feelings of loneliness and depression including older adults who do not have a family. Those who have lost a loved one are also at a high risk of a depressive episode. Moreover, other factors such as family problems can also play a big role in leading to depression during the holiday season.

Although it is common every year, experts argue the season is likely to be far worse this time. This is because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The change or lack of festivities can affect a person significantly.

Furthermore, because of the coronavirus restrictions, many have not met their families or friends in a very long time. Some may not even be able to meet theirs during the holidays due to new coronavirus outbreaks.

According to mental health experts, the overall effects of global pandemic have already increased mental health issues. In comparison with last year, more and more people are having depression. With limited resources, it is difficult for the majority to seek professional help.

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In a few months, the resources may decrease further as the focus may shift wholly to coronavirus once again. Currently, there is a second wave of the virus in Europe, the US, and nearly all other countries. Soon, there may be stricter control policies with travel bans.

As a result, traveling during holidays may be difficult. The meetups or dinners may also not be the same anymore. Therefore, experts recommend preparing mentally on a prior basis. Since there is an ongoing health crisis, keep in mind that the most important thing is health.

Make maintaining the health of family and friends the first priority rather than gatherings. In addition, finding alternative ways to celebrate such as through video calling or talking to friends can also help. Do not be afraid to look for online resources and professional help online.

Also, make sure to also check up on friends or relatives who are celebrating or staying alone in the upcoming weeks. Doing so can also help make them feel better.

Lastly, do not forget to follow all preventive measures if attending or planning a gathering to avoid coronavirus spread.