How to prepare for Coronavirus Surge in Colder Season?

The winter season is getting closer by the day and people around the world are facing the threat of coronavirus as well as seasonal illnesses like flu and cough, so now would be a good time to prepare for the winter season by stocking up supplies. An American Physician and writer Leana Wen believe that coronavirus surge is likelier in winter than summer due to more than one reason.

The reasons she believes that the coronavirus surge is more likely in the winter season is that people were more vulnerable to the previous coronaviruses in winter and secondly there is less humidity in the air in winter so the particles carrying the disease can stay airborne for much longer, moreover, the nasal membranes of humans are drier and so people are more likely to get infections.

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Wen also said that people need to be extra vigilant during the winter months because as the atmosphere gets cooler people like to spend more time inside than outside, and if the ventilation is poor indoors than the virus can spread easily as the virus spreading particles stay airborne due to not enough air circulation.

Besides following coronavirus safety guidelines, including wearing face masks, observing social distancing, and washing hands frequently, the vigilance required to protect yourself from coronavirus surge also includes making stocks of the right type and right numbers of medical supplies and other essential products of daily need to limit the trips to stores.

The American Public Health Association’s executive director of advocacy and public affairs Susan L. Polan said that in any winter season there could be power outages, storms, and late shipping of essential products from online stores or to local stores, so it is critical that people have all the essential products for their daily need in case such events occur.

The items that are needed to be stocked include cleaning and protection items, medicinal items, foods and snacks, a disaster preparedness kit, and entertainment. The CEO of the National Association of County and City Health Officials Lori Tremmel Freeman said that it’s always good to have an emergency preparedness stockpile because no one knows when any disastrous event could occur.

The cleaning and protection items shall include hand sanitizers and soap having not less than 60% alcohol for regular use, disinfectants, and wipes if there are sick housemates, extra toilet papers, and face masks.

Medicinal supplies shall include; if someone is sick of the coronavirus or any other illness, he shall need cough syrup or cough drops if suffering from cough symptoms, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen if someone is having pain and fever, decongestants if someone is having congestion, and antidiarrheals. Fever is a common symptom of both seasonal flu and the coronavirus, so a thermometer is required for checking the temperature. Hearing aid batteries, contact lens and denture supplies, baby supplies, and feminine hygiene products are also necessary.

Food supplies shall include enough food that can last for a period of two weeks and are easily prepared and nonperishable if a person is having quarantine. Moreover, at least 1-gallon water daily is required for a person to stay hydrated so it shall also be stocked.

Due to the coronavirus surge, people will have to spend more time indoors so they will need some entertainment products as well. The entertainment items can include anything which a person can enjoy, having as little contact with people from outside the household as possible. A good suggestion may include puzzles and games as they are very entertaining and developmentally and educationally beneficial.