Coronavirus vaccine production

Is Coronavirus Vaccine Production Using Aborted Babies Stem Cells?

President Trump has recently shared some hope regarding the coronavirus vaccine production. But he is facing a huge backlash from the religious-liberty group which is against the coronavirus vaccines for potentially using stem cells from aborted babies in vaccine production.

The Liberty Counsel says that the vaccine uses embryos and not the aborted fetuses. The councel is running a big campaign among politicians to collectively oppose the forced coronavirus vaccination on everyone.

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It says that every US citizen is free to choose to have this coronavirus vaccine or not. And the government can’t force them to have this vaccination, making it mandatory for everyone.

US President Trump has announced to make and deliver nearly 300 million vaccines for coronavirus before January 2021. Right now the vaccine development is in its testing phase. Many notable companies like Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and AstraZeneca are setting its trials for safety and efficacy. There is a high chance that the vaccine would be here within a few months.

Mat Staver, the chairman of the Liberty Counsel says that he is against the vaccines because they are using aborted babies stem cells in production. It adds a religious point of contradiction in the whole virus production and research.

The Liberty Counsel believes that this coronavirus vaccine production is merely a money game for pharmaceutical companies. This pharmaceutical industry makes nearly 1/6th of the total economy of the US.

In addition to this, these companies spend billions of dollars on lobbying the governmental level. Vaccines made with the aborted humans stem cells are easy to get, which is why these companies are using them for reducing the production cost. However, it would bring huge profits for the companies as well as their investing partners.

The US government, allowing vaccine production and making it mandatory for every citizen is contributing to this plan. the demand for the entire US population would be enormous and so would be the profit for these pharma giants.

The group says that it is essential to stop this vaccination program right now and the religious exemptions should be valued. Every US citizen should be free to choose to get this vaccine without putting a burden on him to sacrifice his choices.

On the other side, many health experiences find that coronavirus is getting weak. They also believe that probably it would die without the vaccine or medicine, on its own.

Earlier this week, an Italian infectious disease expert, Dr. Matteo Bassetti said in his interview with The Telegraph said that the virus would end on its own.

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The situation in the last few weeks is different and there is a high possibility that the viral load inpatient is lowered. There might be a genetic mutation that is not completely studied yet. But right now we are doing best at testing and managing the disease.

This virus was at its peak in the month of March and April but right now it is slow. The recovery rate is high and even the older ones and those with medical conditions are also recovering. So there would be only two reasons behind it; one the immunity is getting strong and two that the virus is weakening.

Dr.Bassetii is confident that it would go away on its own without needing a vaccine. However, it is too soon to say if he is right or not. Coronavirus vaccine production is still in process and no pressure from any opposition group or religious group seems to affect it.