Is Delta Variant More Dangerous for Pregnant Women?

delta variant
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The delta variant of coronavirus reportedly being more contagious than the original strain is spreading rapidly across the world. Amid this variant dominating most Covid-19 cases, the health experts mention its impact on pregnant women. Also, they stress the importance of vaccinating these women as soon as possible.

According to several health officials in England, pregnant women should hurry to get the coronavirus vaccine. They recently gave a joint statement and mentioned the data indicating the large number of unvaccinated pregnant women hospitalized due to Covid-19. This data shows that 98% of such women in the UK hospitalized since May did not receive their dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

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Previously, the World Health Organization (WHO) also mentioned the increased risk of these women developing severe symptoms. The officials of the organization said that expecting mothers can develop more severe symptoms of the coronavirus infection as compared to non-pregnant females.

Health experts suggest that pregnant women can be at an even higher risk of severe infection from the delta variant of coronavirus. This variant is more contagious than the original strain and causes more severe symptoms in the patient.

The recent data from the UK Obstetric Surveillance System (UKOSS) indicates the rapid spread of the delta variant among pregnant women. According to Andrew Shennan from King’s College London, the new alpha and delta variants are more dangerous for pregnant women. These variants showed more severe infection in these women as compared to the original coronavirus strain. He also mentioned that these women are at 50% higher risk of ventilation, pneumonia, and admission to intensive care in a hospital.

The data from UKOSS also shows that nearly 33% of these women admitted to the hospitals due to coronavirus require respiratory support. Also, 15% of the women required intensive care in the hospital.

Previously, studies conducted regarding pregnant women showed that the virus can impact both the mother and the child. This means that the unborn baby is also at a high risk of contracting the coronavirus infection.

Even though many people speculate that the coronavirus vaccine may have negative effects on pregnant women, the studies say otherwise. The health experts also suggest that there are no adverse effects of the vaccine on the mother or the baby. Hence, they urge the expecting mothers to get the coronavirus vaccine to save themselves from the deadly variant.

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The WHO recommended breastfeeding women to get the coronavirus vaccine as well. According to the organization, the vaccine does not hinder breastfeeding or cause any complications. Therefore, the women can get their shot and continue to breastfeed the child.

Ever since the vaccine against the coronavirus came forward, many people speculated about its impact on fertility and the placenta. The scientists and health experts repeatedly denied these claims and assured that the vaccine does not harm the placenta. Also, it does not have any impact on the fertility of a person.

Overall, the health experts have a clear stance on the need for a coronavirus vaccine for pregnant women. Also, there is no evidence regarding the adverse effects of the vaccine for expecting women and the child.


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