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Is Seltzer Water a “Healthy Alternative” of Soda?

Many people think that carbonated water can’t hydrate them like regular water. They feel that the air bubbles in the carbonated water make it significantly less effective for combatting dehydration.

 Rahel Mathews, a registered dietitian nutritionist, tells that carbonated waters are being advanced as the low-calorie or zero-calorie alternative option to soda. The sales of sparkling water are increased by 13 percent in the past year.

She says that she gets this question every time whether carbonated water is a healthy alternative of soda. The answer to this question is not clear yet. She says might be it is good for you but definitely, it is better than soda.

Seltzer water is simply water mixed with pressurized carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide makes the air bubbles in water but adds acidity to the drinks too. Manufacturers infuse a huge number of these seltzers with the natural flavors. These are just chemicals extracted from animals or plants. The biggest difference between regular water and sparkling water are the bubbles.

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While soda is carbonated water in addition to a sweetener like high fructose corn syrup or cane sugar. A few soft drinks, specifically colas, additionally include phosphoric acid or citrus extract for flavor and to act as an additive just as caffeine.

Thirteen years before, analysts soaked teeth in seltzer water for half an hour and found that the seltzer started to disintegrate the enamel. This isn’t incredible if a person thinks to soak teeth in seltzer water or drink it throughout the day. Yet, specialists contrasted the erosive impacts of seltzer water with coffee, soda, diet cola, and energy drinks and found that seltzer is least harmful to teeth. 

While plain seltzer is superior to acidic soft drinks and coffee. Two years before, the researchers studied the risks of artificial flavors in water. They found that various added substances produce fluctuating levels of acidity, and like past examinations, that acidity caused some enamel erosion.

Both plain and flavored sparkling water could have impacts on your teeth after long exposures. The more distant you go from plain water, regardless of whether that is with carbonation or flavoring, the worse for your teeth. Specialists suggest that to drink bubbly water while eating food and abstain from gargling it around the mouth to keep away from the impacts of acidity on teeth.

Another general concern about seltzer water is that it may cause osteoporosis, a condition where bones get less thick and become fragile. The individuals who consistently drank colas are bound to have some bone loss as compared to the individuals who don’t.

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Also, the individuals consuming colas are additionally more averse to consume foods and beverages which helps to build bone. Individuals who drink seltzer water or other carbonated refreshments beside cola don’t have any of the bone density loss.

Recently, scientists have started to examine whether there are any potential health advantages of carbonated water, and there is some early but supportive evidence. Two examinations with older patients indicated that drinking seltzer water alleviates constipation and stomach pain better than tap water.

Rahel Mathews says that no evidence proves that sparkling water is not good for you, if you are bound to drink carbonated water, there isn’t sufficient proof to surrender it. If you drink a ton of it, the acidity may harm your teeth. However, if there is a choice between acidic soda, seltzer water, and sugary, always pick the seltzer.