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Is “skin rash” a sign of Coronavirus?

Previously, the NHS reported that dry cough and fever are the typical symptoms of COVID-19. But patients may also lose taste or smell and may experience some digestive issues in coronavirus suspects. Now, doctors have reported that up to 8 out of 10 individuals who catch the virus just experience mild symptoms or show no symptoms of the infection at all.

Currenrly, there are increased number of COVID-19 patients who have developed rashes and specialists are attempting to decide whether it is caused by the virus or not. At this stage, it is even difficult for the doctors to reach to a final word on whether or not skin rash is a sign of coronavirus infection. The  World Health Organization and The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) have reported that skin rashes or irritation are not the common symptoms of COVID-19. A rash might be the first or just an indication of COVID-19 in few cases.

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In the Lecco Hospital in Lombardy, one of the hardest-hit districts on the planet, twenty percent of the total infected patients experienced changes to their skin while none of them had ingested medications that could have caused the response.

Specialists have also reported red patches on fingers and toes that may be caused by cold temperature called chilblains.

Co-director of the center of evidence-based dermatology at the University of Nottingham, Professor Hywel Williams says, “The skin is the largest organ in the body – and it’s visible. So if you are very unwell, and your lungs are sick, it’s not surprising really that the skin reacts in some way in about a fifth of cases.”

In the case of viruses, skin rashes appearance is common but in the case of coronavirus, rashes in patients seem to vary in appearance. Researchers don’t know why rashes occur but it is figured it could be a reaction of the body attempting to ménage the infection.

Dalia Dawoud, who belongs to London saw a red rash on her body after a few days of her husband infecting COVID-19. Many similar cases are also reported in the United States.

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The rash seemed to be like chickenpox however with smaller, less irritated pimples. She caught the infection after her better half, however, the rash was unexpected.

Dr. Bataille has focused on that a rash isn’t something to be essentially worried about, particularly if a patient has responded in a similar way previously

So what people should do, if they experience a specific rash? They must discuss it with the dermatologist to know the reason behind its appearance. Dr. Jacobs says that many doctors are trying to know how the rash is common around the globe because most of the people don’t take it seriously and not even notice it.

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