End of Coronavirus

Italian Doctor Claims that End of Coronavirus is Near  

While coronavirus cases worldwide are reportedly highest right now, an Italian doctor is giving an opposite statement. This doctor believes the end of coronavirus is close and the virus would disappear on its own. As to him, there is no need for coronavirus vaccine to kill the coronavirus.

This doctor, namely, Dr. Matteo Bassetti is the current head of the department at Infectious Diseases Clinic that is under San Martino Hospital. He thinks that the coronavirus is gradually becoming less dangerous. Contrary to what it looks like, the genetic changes are actually making it less virulent. So, there is a high chance that it won’t need any treatment or vaccine.

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Dr. Bassetti says that he is keeping a deep eye on the clinical imprint of the coronavirus, which suggests this possibility. Initially, in March and April, the clinical impressions of coronavirus were quite different. That’s why people were rushing to the hospitals, trying to save their lives.

On the other side, the hospital staff and medical experts were also not sure if this new disease. That’s why the virus caused so many deaths in this period. Many of these people were on ventilators and some of them caught pneumonia as well. However, the situation is different now.

That deadly phase of coronavirus is over. This new coronavirus pattern suggests that the end of coronavirus pandemic is soon to happen.

The aggressive viral spread in March and April is now settling. Most of the patients in this initial stage died because of the uncertainty of their condition. But now, the recovery rate even among older patients is remarkably high. People above 50 years of age are struggling for their life and the majority of them are getting successful too.

Upon asking; what makes this virus weaker now, he says that maybe it’s because of control measures. The social distancing and lockdown might have caused coronavirus spread to limit. With each passing day, the virus is losing its virulence and soon the coronavirus would end on its own.

The genetic mutation in coronavirus is because the immune system started to fight back against it. public awareness and large immunity-boosting campaigns encouraged people to improve their health. In addition to this, strategies like wearing a mask, avoiding public gatherings, and distancing have also helped.

This new picture of the coronavirus tells that it is different from its initial outlook. Many companies are trying to find a treatment for coronavirus and vaccines to stop the infection. But Dr. Bassetti thinks that it might be unnecessary.

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It is possible to report the end of coronavirus without any treatment or vaccine. However, he is not much optimistic about how much time would it take. It might take weeks, months, or even years. Obviously, no one should expect this deadly virus to end so fast. But considering that it has been around for months, probably this is the time for it to vanish.

Or even if it is still around, it might not infect anyone. Till then, the researchers might develop coronavirus vaccines as well. However, coronavirus might take more time to vanish completely from the world.


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