Living Without Water- Woman Claims “Dry Fasting” Relieved Her Joint Pain and Skin problems

Recently a woman has claimed that she has stopped drinking water for over a year and this “dry fasting” has helped her to get amazing health benefits.

Sophie Partik frim Bali, Indonesia is 35, years old woman who says that living without water has healed many health problems of her including joint pains, food allergy, skin problems, puffy eyes, and even digestive problems.

She is a nutrition specialist and a yoga teacher by profession and she continues these dry fast for 13-14 hours per day. After that, she only takes liquids that are naturally present inside food sources such as fruit juice which she calls “living water”.

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Sophie says that she can get all the vital nutrients that her body requires from natural sources such as fruit juices, vegetable juices, and coconut water and she doesn’t really need to consume water separately.

Earlier, she reported having extreme swelling her joints and puffiness which made her face look so swollen.

Sophie says that a friend of her recommended dry fasting to her and that’s how this all started. The first thing that she noticed was a reduction in puffiness. Due to which she decided to prolong this dry fasting.

Dry fasting, also called “absolute fasting” is a regime where a person stops eating food and liquid even in the form of water, tea, or broth. This is very different from various fasts popular around the world which only restrict food but allow consuming water and other liquids.

People who endorse dry fasting say that it has helped them in many ways. Some of their “proclaimed” benefits include the following.

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Immunity boost
  • Cellular regeneration
  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Skin healing
  • Spiritual reasons (purity)

There is no research on dry fasting to analyze these benefits. Short-term dry fasting may help but a prolonged dry fast is dangerous for health and it might result in an extreme complication.

The problems start with “de-hydration” which is a situation where the body is low on water. This dehydration can cause electrolyte imbalance, leading to lowering blood pressure that can take a person’s life.

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Further complications include kidney disease, nutritional deficiency, eating disorders, metabolic diseases, and fainting.

While sharing her personal story, Sophie tells that her family didn’t understand this and thought that she was in a cult. She says it is confusing for many people because that’s not what we have been told traditionally. However, she is getting a lot of support through her social media fans from all parts of the world.

Sophie dreams to prolong her fast to ten days continuously but so far she has only made it to 52 hours.