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Lockdown Ending Causes Highest One-Day Increase in Coronavirus Cases in Arizona

The US state of Arizona has reported its highest number of coronavirus cases within a day, ever since this pandemic has started. This single-day increase also reports a high admission rate in hospitals suspecting coronavirus. These coronavirus cases in Arizona suggest that ending the lockdown was probably not the wisest idea.

Medical experts believe that it was somehow ‘predictable’ considering the risks of easing the lockdown. Not to forget, the ‘stay at home’ rule in Arizona already ended some two weeks before and now everything seems normal there.

But in terms of virus spread, coronavirus cases in Arizona have been recorded as highest. It is similar to the viral peak in the month of May when the state was trying to handle all these cases.

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Now that lockdown is ended, people are back to their jobs and stay at home order don’t hold any more significance, coronavirus cases are increasing.

Yesterday, the state officials reported some 1.127 confirmed cases of coronavirus within a day. It is the highest single-day increase in the coronavirus cases in the state ever since the pandemic has started. The Arizona Department of Health Services dashboard has confirmed this information on its website.

Also, the Arizona state has made another record for more than a thousand hospital admissions within a day. However, not all of these cases were of coronavirus. Still, this is worrisome news that so many other infections are making people severely sick.

The hardest-hit area in Arizona is its Maricopa County. The increase in coronavirus cases in Maricopa Country also tells the increase in testing capacity which could even identify otherwise asymptomatic or mild cases of the deadly coronavirus.

Within a day, coronavirus cases in Maricopa County have reached 615 but it is hard to tell how many of these cases are reported within the last 24 hours. Also, this increase in confirmed patients also tells that additional testing is helpful to find coronavirus cases in Maricopa County even if they are mild.

Overall, the coronavirus cases in Arizona are 21,250 to this day. For all these confirmed patients, the state conducted more than 330,000 screening tests to find out coronavirus positive patients.

The deaths by a coronavirus in Arizona are 941 and only on Tuesday, 24 new cases of coronavirus deaths were reported.

All US states are easing the coronavirus lockdown and medical experts are warning the public that it could be a major viral bloom time. Therefore, everyone should try to follow the social distancing recommendation and use a mask whenever in public.

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The second wave of coronavirus is not too far if people continue to ignore recommendations like this. Research on coronavirus is useless if people are not following the necessary protocols and necessary precautions.

There are more than 1.8 million cases of coronavirus in the US with at least 106,000 deaths by a coronavirus. Although the number of daily cases is dropped many states are reporting a re-emergence of new coronavirus cases, suggesting that the second wave of coronavirus is expected.



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