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Man Filing a Lawsuit Against Starbucks For Potentially Burning His Genitals with Steaming Hot Tea

lawsuit against Starbucks
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Tommy Piluyev, a 24 years old man is filing a lawsuit against Starbucks, the international coffee giant as a defect in their cups reportedly burnt this man’s genitals. The guy ordered hot tea at Starbucks which had a temperature of almost 100C but this tea was spilled due to the defect in the cap while he was sitting in his car. This incident took place in Roseville, California, making him suffer second-grade burns.

Tommy picked a take away order and while he was receiving his ordered tea, a sufficient amount of the tea leaked on his body while he was still seated in the car. His lawsuit explains the tremendous intensity of pain that he suffered that he eventually chooses to park his car nearby, take off his trousers, and see how the tea has burnt his genitals.

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He calls this experience excruciating as getting naked and sex is extremely awkward and somehow painful for him after this incidence. The skin discoloration caused by the tea spill has affected his genitals as well as thighs, affecting his confidence.

The father of one is a resident of California who was immediately rushed to a hospital for the burns. The lawyers report that he had to spend 11 days in the hospital for getting his burns treated, learning to function normally.

This incident took place two years ago back in October 2018. Piluyev and his wife Liudmila Maftey are together in this lawsuit against Starbucks as well as the cup making company named “Pactiv Packaging” for the negligence charges along with the product liability charges.

Piluyev ordered two grande of the honey citrus mint teas from the Starbucks drive-thru located in the Roseville near Sacramento.

The lawsuit says that Piluyev experienced severe burnt injuries after the lid almost missed its seal and dislodged from the cup.  The tea was directly spilled on the hand of the Piluyev and burnt his hands, belly, and pelvis.

While his car was still in the drive-thru it wasn’t possible for him to rush out of the car so he rushed the car and stopped by the nearest parking lot.  The hospital where he went for getting the emergency care for blisters that showed up on his stomach, penis, thighs, scrotum, and peritoneum.

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There are photos of him admitted to the hospital while receiving the treatment for the burnt wounds.

The lawsuit explains Piluyev to be suffering from the intravenous pain along with huge blisters that require intensive care. His condition made him dependent upon other people even for the smallest things including the personal grooming and cleaning as he was even unable to move his fingers.

After he was discharged from the hospital, his wife was taking care of him for five months, after which he was finally able to walk and take care of himself. Piluyev reports that his condition has made sex extremely painful for him and he doesn’t even feel confident about himself. He is also not able to do other things that he once enjoyed especially playing the piano after getting these second-degree burns.



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