Michigan county health officials confirm presence of rabies in the pet cats

The health officials at Oakland County are now urging the pet owners to ensure that their dogs and cats come with updated rabies vaccination. This urgency came after the new of a pet cat suffering from rabies in Birmingham surfaced. Leigh-Anne Stafford, the Oakland County health officer, mentioned that people & their pets are being urged to try and avoid any encounters with the unfamiliar animals. The residents need to keep their pet protected by allowing vaccination from rabies.

Rabies can be a fatal ailment for both pets and humans with no possible cure. This confirmation of rabies in case of the cat comes post confirmation of the same disease in 4 bats & 11 skunks living in Oakland County, as confirmed by the Associated Press. Last month, one dead skunk was located in the West Bloomfield & was tested positive with the presence of Rabies. The Associated Press further confirmed that there were other cities that have also been affected by the onset of Rabies, which include Rochester Hills, Troy, & Southfield.

Rabies can also be fatal to humans. However, the onset of the disease can completely be prevented in case the person is vaccinated and receives immediate treatment post-exposure to the virus. Cats and dogs are vaccinated on a routine basis against the virus during regular visits to the vet. However, the health officials warn that the people need to keep their pets on a leash when being walked outside. This can limit any possible encounters with wildlife.

Bob Gatt, the Oakland County Animal Shelter Manager, mentioned that the outside cats tend to face a greater risk of encountering wild animals that have already been affected by the rabies virus. Keeping cats away can be the best possible method to ensure continued safety in the long run. The symptoms seen in the wild animals are inclusive of unusual and slow movements with a lot of aggression and drooling. The feline might also show fear for humans with no apparent reason.

If you or any household pet has been bitten or even scratched by any wild animal, you need to wash the area affected with water and soap. After doing this, you have to act fast and seek immediate veterinary or medical attention. You need to do this even if the pooch or cat was vaccinated previously.