Mother and Daughter Graduated from the Medical School in Family Medicine and General Surgery 

For the first time in history, a mother-daughter duo has not only graduated medical school together but also working in one hospital.

It is reported by The University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS) Dr. Cynthia Kudji and her daughter, Jasmine has matched at the same hospital, LSU Health in Louisiana. Cynthia has graduated with her medical degree in Family Medicine while her daughter, Jasmine has received her degree in General Surgery.

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The mother-daughter duo was studying in different medical schools for year and they were extremely excited to hear that both are matched at the same hospital. Cynthia has received her degree from UMHS while Jasmine did her M.D and received a degree from LSU School of Medicine in Louisiana.

Dr. Cynthia Kudji came from Ghana in West Africa. She became pregnant with her daughter at an early age of 23. She postponed her plans of pursuing a medical degree as she was expecting but she continued to work as a nurse for many years. She was a Nurse Practitioner and an RN for nearly ten years after which she decided of going to medical school.

Dr. Cynthia had not always fantasized about becoming a medical doctor as she had not seen many medical practitioners as role models at a young age since there was not enough representation.

Cynthia said that when she was younger, she had not seen many TV shows in which African Americans were shown as academically successful individuals. When she decided to study medicine Cynthia still had doubts if she is intelligent enough to become a doctor and was not sure if she can do it.

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She took a trip to her homeland and got the motivation to pursue her dreams. She chose UMHS to study medicine after looking at various medical schools.

She said that the school offered a personalized program that catered to her needs since she was not like the other students as she was older and did not have enough time due to which the small timing of classes was beneficial for her.

Jasmine also had problems adjusting at her medical school since she was living far from her mother and not being a traditional student, it was very challenging for her.

Dr. Jasmine Kudji said that she and her mother communicated with each other via Skype or they had to Facetime whenever they had any struggle but it was very difficult for them at first as she and her mother were very close to each other and they took their time to get used to living far away from one another.

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The mother-daughter duo used technology to stay close to each other while studying at the medical school at the same time.

Both doctors are thrilled to start practicing medicine and enter this new phase in life together. Dr. Jasmine said that she experienced medical school side by side with her mother which allowed both of them to make the most of it together. She also said that her mother also being in medical school simultaneously was very helpful as both of them shared the same struggles which people outside medical school do not usually understand.


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