a Rare Type of Cancer
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Mother Claims she “Sniffed” to Identify a Rare Type of Cancer in her Daughter

A Mother from the UK shares how she was able to identify rare type of cancer called  Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia which is only identified by up to 650 people per year in the UK. But what’s more surprising is that the mother claims she ‘sniffed’ cancer on her daughter which sounds impossible especially in case of diagnosing a rare disease.

36 years old Sharon shares that she knew her 9 years old daughter was suffering from something unusual which is why sniffing gave her an idea that Kaiann McAllister has a rare type of cancer.  She has shared the photos of her little one which is heartbreaking as Kaiann is currently under chemotherapy which has made her lose all her hair, develop sores and blisters in the oral cavity and so many wounds on the body while she battles with this rare type of cancer.

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Sharon lives in Scotland and has shared that her daughter was ill for months but what made her alert was a different type of smell which she found strange. She reports that she felt the same smell coming from another woman whom she attended and that woman was also a cancer patient. Sharon says that many people call her crazy for saying this but she can’t get this out of her mind which is why she decided to declare her experience in public.

Her daughter Kaiann was suffering from an extreme back pain which made her visit to a local doctor. She was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer after these hospital visits which left Sharon and her husband Mark devastated.

The couple is doing everything to help their little one in battling this deadly type of cancer. So far the little girl is fighting bravely and there are high chances that she will recover. Sharon says that her daughter is also experiencing the side effects of chemotherapy, she has lost all hair and also experiences a minor memory loss. she is having problems with speaking especially spellings which is highly unusual because she was good at this before.

Her daughter can not work and is bound to a wheelchair. But after the end of the treatment, she will be able to walk on her legs again. More than the physical pain she expressed that explaining this all to her daughter was even harder. She is too young to understand all this and was asking if she is dying. Although Shannon and her husband have no answers for their daughter’s questions she hopes there could be more that parents can do for their cancer hit children.

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Kaiann can not eat anything because of the blisters and wounds in her mouth. Her bones are fractured and before she recovers completely, there is so much that needs to be healed in her tiny body. Shannon says that her little one’s whole body has scars and watching her like this is heartbreaking. She urges everyone to understand the value and reality of life, by showing the realities that she is dealing with. She also gives a message to donate more to the Childhood Cancer Research which is mainly focused to treat young cancer patients like Kaiann.